[Vision2020] Civility is a two-way street

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 8 20:55:35 PST 2007

Below are snipets of the two entries.  The postings were made within 10 minutes of each other (Dale's blog is timed by *I believe* GMT instead of PST if you look at his most recent posts from today 12/8 they are already dated as 12/9).  The posting on Dale's blog was made by HeirDoug and refers to Joe's recent posting on Blind2020.  Doug Farris aka routinely refers to v2020 as Blind 2020.  The posting on v2020 was made by privatej35 at hotmail.com which is not J Ford.

So what's the question again?  Do I have substantial evidence, or just the circumstantial
evidence I presented?

I'll let you and whoever else is interested make the call on that.  My initial response on v2020 under this subject heading some 90 minutes after the near simultaneous posting on v2020 and Dale's blog was:

"My 2 sense is that this cyber transgendered HeirDoug is even lamer at attempts with humor than the usual HeirDoug."

It was my 2 cents.  It wasn't even worth that.  And I think you owe an apology to Ann Landers even though she's been dead for several years.



Entry on v2000

privatejf35 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 23:09:11 PST 2007


Maybe Dr. Atwood should have just offered to punch everyone
in the nose.

J :]

Entry on Dale's blog


Saturday, December 01, 2007 7:00 AM by Heirdoug

Joe Campbell just got through saying over on Blind 2020
that Civility is a 2 way street....

Maybe Roy should have just offered to punch some one
in the nose and that would solve the problem...


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Scott et. al.

Most of your response offered advice worthy of a Vision2020 Ann
Landers...And this coming after you stated earlier in this thread to
Debi that you were done with the subject, having "had your say?"
Yeah, right!

Anyway, I am curious if you have any substantial evidence that the
reposting of the Vision2020 content you refer to below was done by the
person you name "HeirDoug."  I read the content on right-mind.us that
you claimed demonstrated your claim, and though this suggests the
person who posted this content on right-mind.us might be the person
who did the reposting on Vision2020, it could have been someone who
read this right-mind.us post and did the reposting, or any one of
numerous people with motivation to counter the response of Joe
Campbell to Atwoods Daily News op-ed, given how widely this Vision2020
post in question that involves Joe Campbell has been circulated, and
continues to be referred to.

So do you have substantial evidence, or just the circumstantial
evidence you presented?

Scott wrote:

I guess we'll just have to wait and
see who gets blamed for what wrongdoing the next time HeirDoug or
anyone else for that matter) just 'cuts & pastes" from the v2020
Ted Moffett

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