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Any comments or thoughts regarding Randy Fife's desire to regulate "ownership, possession and transportation of firearms" within City Limits or having the law changed by the Legislature?  Good, bad, indifferent to the idea?

Open to anyone.

To me, this is Idaho - I don't think his idea is going to fly.  

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Subject: [Vision2020] Moscow City Council Committee Agendas for Monday




December 10, 2007                                                                                       3:00-4:30


  East 3rd Street, Second Floor

1.      A. Public Comment and
Chair’s Response Period (limit 10 minutes)  - For members of the Public to
speak to the Committee regarding matters NOT
on the Agenda and not currently pending before the Council, Planning and Zoning
Commission or Board of Adjustment, please state your name and
address for the record and limit remarks to three minutes.  


B. Approval
of Minutes November 26, 2007 – Stephanie Kalasz


2.      Proposed Noise Ordinance
Revision – Dan Weaver

This proposal is to amend
Moscow City Code Tile 10, Chapter 11 regarding the Noise Ordinance and amending
sec. 11.9.C.  In the proposal, officers can use discretion at the time contact
is made with the responsible individual on the best process for immediate cease
all noise in excess of limits delineated by the Ordinance.  The victim will no
longer have to be contacted for charges or sign a citation when the officers
are called and observe the violation.  The changes will directly impact places
where large groups of people assemble or “party houses” with a
history of public nuisance complaints.  This was considered by the Council on
first reading on October 1, 2007 and recommended to go back to the
Administrative Committee to receive public input and to consider possible
changes to the Ordinance.  It was considered by the Council on second reading
at the November 5, 2007 meeting and again referred to the Administrative
Committee.  On November 13, 2007, the Administrative Committee directed the
City Attorney to make some changes based on input given at that meeting and
bring the redraft back to the Committee.  At the November 26 meeting, the
Committee asked the City Attorney to draft two versions of the Ordinance, one
requiring a citizen to sign the citation and one that allowed the officer to do


approval of Version “A” or Version “B” of the
Ordinance, or recommend rejection of the Ordinance; or take such other action
deemed appropriate.


3.      Discussion Regarding
Weapons in Public Facilities – Randy Fife

In response to concerns
related to the presence of firearms, Randy Fife
wrote a letter to the Attorney General's office requesting an opinion regarding
the extent, if any, to which the City could regulate firearms.  The Attorney
General responded in a letter dated September 18, 2007 stating that the City
could not, on its own, regulate "ownership, possession, or
transportation" of firearms in the City.  Mayor Chaney wrote a letter to
the local State representatives regarding the matter on October 29, 2007. 
Shirley Ringo responded to the Mayor's letter on November 5, 2007.


Consider a
Resolution drafted for Council encouraging consideration by the State
Legislature to be submitted to Representative Ringo or take such other action
deemed appropriate.


4.      Employee Benefits for
Domestic Partners – Leslie Moss

Mayor Chaney has
requested the City explore the possibility of offering health insurance benefits
to the domestic partners of City employees.  Until now domestic partner
benefits have not been available through our insurance provider or other area
providers.  Our insurance agents of record, Greg Helbling and Chad Murray from
Helbling Employee Benefits will present a new plan that is now available with
Regence Blue Shield of Idaho.


Make a
recommendation to either offer benefits or deny such benefits and forward to
the Council for a decision.


5.      Grants Management Policy
and Procedure – Gary J. Riedner/Alisa Stone

The purpose of Grants
Management is to establish a clear policy and procedure for City Departments
and Commissions regarding all functions relating to grants from the application
process to the final close-out report.  The procedure provides guidelines for
the complete process to ensure compliance at all levels of grants management. 
The Grants Coordinator is responsible to organize and direct all grant
activities and enforce and ensure compliance with all rules and regulations.


approval to implement the Grants Management Policy and Procedure effective
January 1, 2008, or take other such action as deemed appropriate.


6.      Review of Resolution for
Alcohol Consumption in Parks – Dwight Curtis

In accordance with Moscow City Code 5-13-4(B), requests
may be made to have beer/wine gardens in City owned parks in Moscow.  Rules governing each event are
through Council Resolutions.  In the language of the Resolutions, there may be
unclear requirements leading to possible confusion and inconsistencies with
compliance.  A solution to most of this can be done with minor modifications of
language within the resolution.  


 Direct staff as
deemed appropriate.


7.      Cancellation of Meeting
on December 24, 2007 – Gary J. Riedner


Cancel or
reschedule December 24, 2007 meeting.



Secondhand/Pawn License
Renewals – Gary J. Riedner

Update on Joint Law
Enforcement Facility – Dan Weaver/Gary J. Riedner

Report on Impact Fee
Process – Gary
J. Riedner/Don Palmer

Proposed Reform
Legislation on Alcohol Beverage Control – Gary J. Riedner


Future Agenda Items

& Procedure for Closing of Main



NOTICE:  Individuals attending the meeting who require
special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments,
please contact the City Clerk, at
(208) 883-7015 or TDD 883-7019, as soon as possible so that arrangements may be






Monday, December 10, 2007                                                                          4:30
p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


206 East 3rd Street, 2nd Floor 

1.      Approval of Minutes November
26, 2007 – Stephanie Kalasz


2.      Disbursement Report for
November 2007 – Don Palmer


3.      Gritman Parking
Agreement – Gary J. Riedner

Gritman Medical
Center is requesting the City of Moscow to amend the June
27, 2002 agreement relating to provision of public parking, which provided
public parking in two parking lots south of Gritman’s main entrance. 
This agreement was a consequence of Gritman’s request to vacate a portion
of Eighth Street
between Main and Washington Streets in 2002. 
A consideration by the City Council in its determination that such vacation was
in the public interest, was provision of public parking at least equal to those
spaces which would be lost as a consequence of the vacation of Eighth Street.  Transportation
Commission reviewed this request at its April 26, 2007 meeting.  A copy of the
minutes is attached for committee reference.  This was heard by the Committee
on November 26, 2007 and staff was asked to work with Gritman on finding 16
spaces for public use.  Gritman has submitted a new proposed agreement on
Friday, December 7 which is being reviewed by staff.


Review the
request and attached information and provide direction.


4.      Idaho Department of
Lands Community Transportation Grant – Execution of Memorandum of
Understanding to Accept Grant Award – Alisa Stone/Roger Blanchard

The Idaho Transportation
Department (ITD) is planning improvements to a portion of State Highway 8,
approximately 0.31 miles east of the intersection of U.S. Highway 95 and State
Highway 8 in Moscow, Idaho, between Veatch Street and White Place beginning at milepost 2.45
and ending at milepost 2.77.  The project will consist of a full depth
reconstruction of the entire roadway to accommodate a 3-lane facility
consisting of two through lanes with a continuous two-way center left turn
lane.  Curb and gutter will be constructed on both sides of the highway and the
City of Moscow has budgeted funds to install
sidewalks on the north side of the highway traveling east west to Troy.  This grant
application is requesting funding to place trees, landscaping material and an
irrigation system parallel to the sidewalk from Veatch Street to White Place.  The tree species will
consist of Amur Maple, Washington Hawthorn, Greencolumn Maple, Red
Oak, and Pacific Sunset Maple.  Total project costs are estimated at
approximately $20,000 including 10 percent local match in City Parks
and Recreation and Water Department labor and installation of a water meter. 
The project is planned for the fall of 2008 after the completion of the ITD
road construction.  Staff received a letter on November 29, 2007,
congratulating the City on being awarded $15,740, which was the full amount of
the original request.


Recommend approving
acceptance the Community Transportation Enhancement Grant (CTE) award from the
Idaho Department of Lands in the amount of $15,740 and the “Memorandum of
Understanding”; or take such other action deemed appropriate.


5.      Proposed Amendment to Title 7 of Moscow City Code
Providing for the Adoption of the 2006 International Residential Code, 2006
International Building Code, 2006 International Energy Conservation Code,
International Fuel Gas Code, International Mechanical Code, International
Existing Building Code, International Property Maintenance Code, and the 2007
Supplemental to the above International Codes with Revisions – Bill
Belknap/Carol Alexander

The proposed Ordinance
would provide for the adoption of the current versions of the various
International Building Codes in accordance with state law requirements.  The
Building Code Advisory Committee meet over the past four months to review each
of the new codes and recommends adoption with the revisions as shown within the
attached ordinance.


approval of the Ordinance; or recommend denial of the Ordinance; or take such
other action deemed appropriate.


6.      Request for Ice Rink
Funding by Moscow
Rotary – Gary J. Riedner

Stan Smith, the President
of the Moscow Rotary Club, has submitted a letter requesting that the City
authorize release of $15,000 in Hamilton
funds for use by Rotary to assist in the operations of the Rotary Memorial
Veterans Pavilion Ice Rink. The funds that Mr. Smith is referring to are part
of an agreement which was negotiated between Rotary and the City on July 10,
2001. A copy of that agreement is attached. At the time of the 2001 agreement,
the City Council authorized the expenditure of $165,000 for uses relating to
the ice rink. $150,000 of the funds was to assist with the concrete slab and
purchase of dasher boards. The remaining $15,000 was slated for public
improvements, which are further described in the City Council minutes of June
4, 2001 as sidewalk improvements. A copy of those minutes is also enclosed. Mr.
Smith will be present to discuss the potential uses for the $15,000 requested.


Consider proposal
from Rotary Club of Moscow and recommendation of City staff and direct staff
accordingly, or take such other action deemed appropriate.


7.      Cancellation of Meeting
on December 24, 2007 – Gary J. Riedner


Cancel or
reschedule December 24, 2007 meeting.



Report on Impact Fee
Process – Gary J. Riedner

Latah Sanitation
Biosolids Agreement – Gary J. Riedner

John Dickinson Trail Head
– Dwight Curtis/Latah Trail Foundation Representative

Third Street
 Bridge – Linda Pall



Future Agenda Items

Installation of Purple
Pipe with New Construction, Street Projects, etc. – Les MacDonald

UI Street Maintenance Agreement – Les MacDonald

Main (‘A’ Street to Rodeo
  Drive) State/Local Agreement and Resolution
– Les MacDonald

Stormwater Phase II
Status – Les MacDonald (1/14)

SE Moscow Sewer District – Staff



NOTICE:  Individuals attending the meeting who
require special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other
impairments, please contact the City Clerk,
at (208) 883-7015 or TDD 883-7019, as soon as possible so that arrangements may
be made.


Stephanie Kalasz



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