[Vision2020] Buddhists Cheering as the Bombs Dropped on Pearl Harbor?

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I was in Japan about a year ago and I enjoyed looking at the exquisite food, but didn't enjoy eating it so much especially when my associate told me "It's delicious, go ahead and try it and then I'll tell you what it is".  Fortunately for me there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken near my hotel and on my last day I found a Hard Rock Cafe in Yokohama that had great American food and lots of memorabilia for sale.  I really enjoyed Japan.  My only complaint is that I went into a Starbucks and they wouldn't take my Starbucks card.  Same thing happened when I stopped in for a cup of rich hot chocolate in Munich last March.  How is it that technology has advanced to a point where my cell phone works fine all over the world, but something as simple as a Starbucks card only works in the US and Canada?



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Life can't get better than this.  As I write, I can see Mt. Fuji from
 my hotel window and beautiful fall colors down below, made possible by a
 6-week delay of Tokyo's winter. 

We've enjoyed the exquisite food and the hospitality of the most well
 mannered people in the world. Yesterday I also received excellent
 feedback on my paper, which I've reduced to the column below.

Back in Moscow today, arriving before we leave Narita airport!

Nick Gier

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