[Vision2020] KAYU, Time Warner, DirecTV, & DISH

Scott Dredge sdredge at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 6 13:11:59 PST 2007

> Tom wrote:
> I generally pay the $4.95 for the additional receiver.

I pay $4.95 per month for each extra receiver / DirecTV access card.  Even though the dual tuner TiVos have 2 independent receivers, they operate in the same box with a single access card for $4.95 a month.  One huge flaw with the dual tuner systems is that there is only one A/V output.  IMO, they should have implemented an A/V output per tuner or alternatively should have designed in their own Picture-in-Picture capability.

Too late now, the future is with streaming video.  One day, in a few short years, I'll have my 100 gigabit per second ethernet data pipe running at line rate both upstream and downstream right into my living room.  I'll get to have all 16 different camera angles being fed simultaneously from the Monday Night Football broadcast and I'll be able to eliminate the pesky annoyance of the director switching from one camera to another as I'll simply be able to view - live mind you - whichever of my 16 big screens has the viewing angle I want to see on that particular play.  At that point Saundra won't be pooh-poohing sports anymore.  She'll realize what she's been missing for all these years.


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