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is anyone really reading all this stuff??

> Below is my last response to Atwood. Atwood's original letter to the 
editor of the Daily
News and our subsequent exchange are found here:
> http://www.dnews.com/story/opinion/25619/#comments
> Unfortunately, you need to have a subscription to the Daily News in 
order to access this
> --
> Joe Campbell
> ---------------------------
> Roy,
> I have a hard time reading this and believing that your call for 
civility was genuine. You
seem to want people to stop criticizing Christ Church while remaining 
able to play the
‘bigot’ card, suggesting that this criticism is entirely based on 
persecution. Your standard for civility seems to be: We can continue to 
insult you but you
can say nothing about us in response.
> Previous to this recent reply you wrote: "Your responses here have been 
to repeat familiar
charges, and even raise new accusations. But that's going to get us 
nowhere, I believe."
Yet you do the same in this post -- repeat familiar charges against the 
critics of Christ
Church and raise new allegations. How is this going to get us anywhere? 
Why should others
stop if you don’t?
> One of the familiar charges is that Nick had something to do with the 
comment 'Hitler
Youth' which was written in CHALK on a public SIDEWALK near NSA. Above 
you claim that no
one has the right to say that offensive anonymous comments directed 
toward me in this post
are the work of Christ Church members. Yet you continue to blame Nick for 
the actions of
an anonymous fool. There is a double standard here.
> Also, if you allow that some column from an editor in Lewiston is 
evidence that Christ
Church is the victim of religious persecution, then I can use comments by 
the Southern
Poverty Law Center, and their famous "Taliban on the Palouse" article in 
support of the
claim that Wilson and others in Christ Church are bigots; I can use 
comments by Wilson’s
own father made in the New York Times to the effect that Christ Church 
and NSA are taking
over the town; I can use sanctions levied against Christ Church by 
governing church bodies
to show that Pastor Wilson is acting in a way that is un-Christian. All 
of this would be
reason for the kind of boycott that you consider baseless. 
> The fact is there is a lot of anger directed toward Christ Church and 
plenty of reason
behind the anger. This is why there is a wide-scale boycott of Christ 
Church owned
businesses. Anyone who seeks for themselves the answers to the questions 
raised above that
you did not answer will realize this. Until you, Wilson, Iverson, 
Courtney and others
admit your own role in creating our current situation, the problem will 
not go away.
> I have no plan to talk to you in private. What I want is for you to 
stop making
unsupported claims that harm my reputation and the reputations of my 
friends. What I want
is for you and others to publicly admit that Christ Church is not an 
innocent victim.
Unless you do so, your call for civility is a joke.
> Thanks for the ‘response,’ limited as it was, and I hope that you 
enjoy the Advent
season, too!
> Best, Joe
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