[Vision2020] Civility is a 2-way street.

Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Sun Dec 2 20:46:50 PST 2007

Ted writes: "...given Gary Crabtree was the fully
disclosed source of the original posting of this private e-mail, in
violation of the 'rule' that private messages not be posted to
Vision2020, it is reasonable to assume he might engage in the same conduct again, correct?"

Gary writes: "Making assumptions based on nonexistent evidence is generally 
ill advised."

Your NAME was on the the posted letter. How is that a lack of evidence?

For the record, I don't think you posted the recent letter. But you did post the 
initial PRIVATE letter -- precisely so your Kirk friends could re-post it over 
and over and over again. So it isn't exactly as if you are without blame!

I await your insults, fallacies, and evasions. If nothing else, they provide a 
source of amusement to the other readers.

-- Joe Campbell

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