[Vision2020] GO NAVY....GO ARMY

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 17:59:49 PST 2007

I remember that even wearing a full-length wool coat that must have 
weighed 30lbs the cold went right through you.  Something about the 
humidity, I suppose.

I remember some of the Pep Rallys, and how fun they were.  There's 
nothing like being allowed to throw water balloons at upperclassmen that 
made a Plebe's day.  Don't let them catch you, but at least you won't be 
expelled for it.

I also remember running through basement tunnels beneath Bancroft Hall 
in the dark on some crazy errand to do some mischief around that time 
and running smack into a concrete beam with my forehead.  Ah, the memories.

We actually did respect the Army officers, even our fellow cadets.  We 
called them "Whoops" because one of their uniforms looked like the 
costume the flying monkeys wore in The Wizard of Oz and that's the sound 
they made, but we still respected them despite that.


brentbradberry at netscape.net wrote:
> During my 25 years in the Navy, one of the "choicest" assignments I 
> had was teaching at USNA, Annapolis (1971-73). I remember well the 
> shennanigans surrounding the Navy-Army game, as well as the bitter 
> cold of Philadelphia's Veteran's Stadium. My fondest memories are of 
> my friendship with a teaching colleague- an Army exchange officer at 
> Annapolis-, Captain Pat Dole, USA (we both taught calculus, etc). We 
> were on different sides of Veteran's Stadium once a year, but I was 
> mighty glad we were on the same side the rest of the year.
> Brent Bradberry
> U. S. Navy, retired
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