[Vision2020] Co-op Offers Cash Incentive to Use Reusable Bags

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Donovan Arnold is wrong about the working conditions at the Moscow Food Co-op.
Most starting jobs (after training) at the Co-op pay from $7.25 to $8.75 per hour.  A very few lowest-rung jobs do begin at $6.75.
Benefits to workers of 20 hours/week or more includes:
2 week paid vacation
sick leave
18% discount on purchases and free lunch
Benefits to workers of 30 hours/week or more includes those plus health/dental insurance (retirement benefits if work longer than 2 years)
The Moscow Food Co-op is such a good employer that the UI Blot (student magazine) just honored the Co-op as the best place to work in the Palouse.

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  WOW, ten cents! Too bad the Co-Op takes it back from you with outrageous prices. 

  You ought to use that change to raise your non livable starvation slave labor starting wages of $6,50 an hour. 

  Could you live on the wages the Co-Op pays their workers?



  Bill London <london at moscow.com> wrote:
    Moscow Food Co-op Offers Cash Incentive to Use Reusable Bags
    The Moscow Food Co-op is now offering a refund of ten cents each time customers use their own permanent shopping bag. This includes backpacks, bike panniers, string bags, cloth bags, and anything else that is "permanent." Recycled paper or plastic bags will not qualify for the discount.
    "We respect those who bring in recycled paper and plastic bags, but we want to encourage habits that will help us get out of the cycle of using disposable bags and non-renewable resources," said Annie Hubble, the Co-op's front end manager.
    Hubble was motivated to introduce this incentive after reading about the topic of shopping bags in the most recent issue of "Talking Trash," published by Moscow's Waste Reduction Education Program.
    "The succinct and informational article about the reasons why neither paper nor plastic are good choices so shocked me that I felt I had to do something in my department at the Co-op," Hubble said. Going without paper or plastic isn't so unusual, Hubble notes.
    "When I was a child, we all automatically gathered shopping bags before we went shopping, because the shops did not offer bags," Hubble recalled. 

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