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Exactly, Sunil.

To illustrate this point:  While I was stationed at Muna Kaserne in Bamberg,
Germany during the summer of 1972, a major fracas broke out on main post.
It was reported that a large contingent of black soldiers had started a
fight with a group of white soldiers.  This fight occurred late on a Friday
night.  Fires were started.  Vehicles were trashed.  Four (or was it five)
soldiers ended up in the hospital.  The post commander reported this
incident as being "racially based" to unit commanders.  All units were
required to undergo weekly racial awareness classes for the next two months.
The fact that the incident was reported as racially based caused some
serious discomfort on post and minor skirmishes developed as tensions grew.
It took almost a year for things to return to normal.

It was later revealed, as a result of a preliminary investigation
(subsequent to a court-martial against one of the soldiers involved), that
the incident was not racially motivated at all.

What had actually occurred:  To preface the details, let me explain that
there exists an ingrained (somewhat peacefully coexisting) animosity between
the various branches within the Army.  Engineer units hate infantry units.
Infantry units hate armor units.  Combat arms units hate AG units.  And
everybody hates the MPs. 

The black soldiers were members of an engineer unit.  The white soldiers
were members of an infantry unit.  This incident occurred as the local
baseball season was ell underway.  Either the engineer unit had lost to the
infantry unit in a game earlier that day (or vice-versa).  The players went
out partying with their respective teams that night.  They ran into each
other while returning to the barracks that night (one group drunk and
celebrating, the other drunk and upset).  It was mere coincidence that one
team consisted primarily of white players and the other primarily of black

What I am trying to say is that we should evaluate something without
sufficient evidence to support such an allegation.

You see what I'm saying?

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"The Pessimist complains about the wind, the Optimist expects it to change
and the Realist adjusts his sails." 

- Unknown 

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As far as I can tell, MPD is not calling this a hate crime.  I don't believe

the victims told the police that this was a hate crime.

Are you calling it a hate crime because you saw it happen and heard 
something as it happened?  If you were not present, and did not witness it 
yourself, why are you calling it a hate crime?

So because you think the protests at Archies were wrong, you think there 
should be protests now against this kid?  Because the Duke lacrosse players 
were wrongly treated, we should mistreat this kid?

No. Makes no sense to me.


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