[Vision2020] Women Know Your Limits

Michael metzler at moscow.com
Sat Sep 30 10:28:17 PDT 2006

Dear Vision 2020 Friends,


Following your discussion of patriarchy at Christ Church reminded me of a
related thought I wrote about a little while ago.  I am growing in my
conviction that religious leaders are drawn to the idea of patriarchalism
because of how it supports their own rule over their community of women and
men. In my post "Father Wilson & His Girls," I argued that even the men at
Christ Church are taking on a more servile, effeminate stance as they look
to Doug Wilson for their daily world view spin and leadership; they are
reasoning and acting more and more like a bunch of junior high girls. You
can link to this article here:




A small sampling:


.This is not a sign of manly confidence my friends, and certainly not a sign
of truth seeking. In fact, I think that the wagons are starting to get so
tight that all we are going to start seeing is a fossilization of what is
already expressing itself as a giggly, arrogant, culture high...The silent
elderboard that sits and turns away - from absolutely everything - is also
certainly a sign of this kind of girlishness. Part of the girlishness can I
think be explained by the social role that Doug Wilson plays. The
"masculine" interface with the surrounding world is really just him.
Everybody else is therefore free to take the "feminine" posture - and is
supposed to like it and be thankful for the roof over their head.

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