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And I'm still hoping to hear from some Kirk leaders regarding the post Rose 
and I both cite.  I'd like very much not to be waiting in vain . . .


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The women I know, (and I include myself) are not discontented - they are
happily engaged in their homes, civic, intellectual, professional, and
spiritual lives.  They care for their families and their communities.  The
point (for those who didn't get it) is not that women who are connected to
C.C. or T.R. are silly or vapid (which can theoretically happen in any
population) but that men who insist that women are subordinate creatures are
sadly deficient themselves.  I have told Doug Wilson on several occasions
that the strongest asset he has are the women in the church.  Lord knows, it
certainly isn't the men.   Every trouble related to Christ Church must be
laid at the feet of the Elders and Pastor - all of whom are male.  One of
the Hicks brothers illustrates that sentiment splendidly in the following

"God made men stronger an more leaderly than women. This is why they always
lead. The modern western lie is that since women can act like men they must
be liberated. This is the sneakiest of lies. Women have all manner of jobs
now and opportunities in almost all career feilds.

But the problem is this: A dog is not liberated by being pushed off of a
cliff so he can finally fly like a bird. A whale is not liberated by being
freed from the waters that have enslaved him and placed in the Mojave
desert. Men are not freed by being given a dress and told to bear children
and women are not freed by taking over the role and responsibility of men."


So tell us, Lucy, do you agree that honoring and respecting women includes
comparing them to dogs or whales?

This is the nastiest piece of Kirkish prose I have read since The Serrated
Edge - and just like the Serrated Edge, exposes the true character and
intellect of Kirk-enthralled men - which of course mirrors those pompous
jackasses sitting around the dinner table in the film clip.


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Discontented women throughout history have underestimated the value of other
women simply to make themselves feel more superior, more beautiful, or more
intelligent. I doubt that it brings much comfort.



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A young friend sent this very funny link to me.    Perhaps it will be copied
and placed in the care of Ed Iverson for the NSA library, under the category
"Social Tips For Reformed Women Hoping to Find A Husband."

For the rest of us, enjoy a hilarious moment on a beautiful fall evening.

  "Women Know Your Limits"  http://youtube.com/watch?v=3HhPHCT-Kes


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