[Vision2020] Women Know Your Limits

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Footnote to LZ -


The vast majority of "June Cleavers" of this fine country of ours either
faded into oblivion or attained out-of-the-house, career-oriented jobs back
during the free-thinking, independent, bra-burning 1960's.  In short, they
became involved, both civically and professionally.


Perhaps that is what irritated alot of people about Hillary Clinton during
her husband's administration.  Hillary Clinton was never a stay-at-home mom.
She was (and still is) outspoken.  If Hillary Clinton were male, she would
be applauded for her stamina.


Item of interest:  As technologically advanced, as free thinking, and as
democratic as our country is, we are one of the very few remaining (if not
the only) countries to have never had a female leader.


Perhaps . . . 


t hansen-moore

Vandalville, Idaho


 "Most truths are so naked that people feel sorry for them and cover them
up, at least a little bit."
- Edward R. Murrow


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Discontented women throughout history have underestimated the value of other
women simply to make themselves feel more superior, more beautiful, or more
intelligent. I doubt that it brings much comfort.



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