[Vision2020] Taxes and Deadbeats

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 27 21:58:15 PDT 2006

  Paul brings up taxes;
 I am sick of taxes. Damn, it  seems like the more I make the more just goes to the government. Just  three months ago I was paying 10% of my income in taxes, now that I got  a raise, I got to pay 20%. Who am I working for? Why does the  government punish you for working hard and getting a raise? They tax me  on food, income, rent, property, interest on savings (double tax), gas,  beer, wine, tires, licensing my car, school books, cleaning supplies,  OTC drugs, and about everything else the government can think of. 
  Why? Why doesn't the government stop taxing everything to the point we  are in poverty again? Why can't we put a limit on the government's  growth and expansion? Let some of us spend our money that WE EARNED on  our NEEDS instead of spending it on worthless pointless wars, lazy  people that won't get a job, and people that won't take responsibility  for their own actions and life. It just makes me so mad that I work so  hard for the government and lazy people.
  NO MORE TAXES! PLEASE. I cannot stand it anymore. I cannot afford it. 
  Here is my idea.
  Eliminate welfare for the non-disabled. Give them loans instead. A  single mom that is young, give her loans, when her child turns 17, she  can start working and pay them off. Why should I have to pay for her  children, they are hers and the father. Make her and the father pay it  all back, with interest, and use that money to raise the next batch of  teenage pregnancies. 
 Prisoners, send them all to the  cheapest prison run states, like Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, and  Georgia. Then make the prisons pay off the cost of imprisoning them  with labor instead of prison and working when they get out. Why should  they get free food, housing, and medical because they committed a  crime? Give them loans, then when they get out, charge for the loans,  plus interest to pay for the next batch of criminals. 
  Medical, create free trade with Canada, Mexico, and Europe for medical  supplies. This will drive the cost of medical care way down. Couldn't  you see it now? $1 for months prescription. That would be fantastic.
  Tell these damn Republicans, to stop taxing the living !@#$% out of me.  I should not have to pay 25-33% of my income to the government to give  away to people that are probably living better than me. That is just  insane!

Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com> wrote:  Fellow vision2020-ites,

While wandering aimlessly through the internet one day (meaning that I 
don't remember where I came across it), I found out that Japan has an 
engine tax.  The smaller and more fuel-efficient the engine, the smaller 
the tax.  The tax apparently ranges from about $40 to $800 or so 
annually, iirc.  People who own more than one car would presumably be 
taxed on both.  In these days of higher gas prices, global warming, and 
pollution concerns, it seems to me like it could be a good idea for our 
country to adopt.  We could start with lower numbers and add it in to 
the registration cost.  That's presuming, I guess, that the registration 
cost doesn't already include it.  Does anyone know what that amount is 
comprised of?

Any thoughts on this?  Is it a good idea?


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