[Vision2020] You're Doing One Heckufa Job on the Economy, Bushie!

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Then, of course, there is always the concept of "creative business
management".  This concept has been emphasized lately in a series of
broadcast/televised ads promoting demotivation, such as:




Sometimes a company's most expendable resource is the employee.

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I don't think Wayne is saying that profit is bad, jobs float down from the 
heavens utterly apart from the realities of profit-and-loss statements and 
labor markets, or that everything we've learned about economics is wrong.  I

think his point is simply that success in small business often looks 
different in one scenario and entirely different in another and that an 
unfettered, values-bereft free market is not necessarily a good thing.  I 
agree with him on that.

And yes, I know something about business, being married to a man who owned a

very successful one for two decades before we moved out here.  But I also 
know that our particular experience is just that -- ours -- and while it 
proves some of the tenets of free-market economics, it certainly allows for 
other, different, and equally valid scenarios for other businesses and the 
people who run them.


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