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Why Magic Valley?  Why not here, where they are already located?  Why not 
just update what is here?

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>>Visionaires--this article may be of interest.
>Tom Trail
>>Ag News
>>Dairy industry, others, pursue new MV research center
>>By Julie Pence, Ag Weekly correspondent
>>  Mike Quesnell, president of the Idaho Dairy Association, confirmed this 
>>week that several entities, including his group, the University of Idaho 
>>and the Idaho National Laboratory are pursuing a new livestock research 
>>cener to be located somewhere in Magic Valley.
>>By Julie Pence Ag Weekly correspondent
>>TWIN FALLS, Idaho n Magic Valley, known as the heart of Idaho dairy 
>>country, could soon be the site for a state-of-the-art livestock research 
>>Leaders in the dairy industry have confirmed that the University of Idaho, 
>>along with the Idaho Dairymen's Association, the Idaho National Laboratory 
>>and other entities are pursuing a dairy facility to replace the classic 
>>old-fashioned barn on the Moscow campus.
>>The new dairy center would accommodate about 1,500 milk cows and cost 
>>about $30 million to develop over several years, said Rich Garber, who 
>>represents the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences for the 
>>University of Idaho. The facility in Moscow, which accommodates only about 
>>200 cows, no longer serves the current livestock industry, said Mike 
>>Quesnell, president of the dairy association.
>>These days, Idaho dairies have thousands of milk cows on each site, and 
>>most dairies are located some 450 miles south of Moscow in a more arid 
>>climate. This new paradigm in the livestock industry has presented new 
>>challenges, and so university and dairy officials began discussions a few 
>>years ago for a new research center, said Sen. Tom Gannon, R-Buhl, who is 
>>vice-chairman of the Idaho Senate Agricultural Affairs Committee.
>>"This will be the first research center of its kind," Quesnell said. "Its 
>>mission is to study western style CAFOs."
>>The facility would employee about 30 workers and have six or seven 
>>scientists, he said.
>>Idaho's dairy industry, which is estimated to have generated $1.4 billion 
>>last year, is fourth in the nation for the number of dairy cows, with 
>>about 455,000 milkers. The Magic and Treasure valleys are hubs for the new 
>>style of dairies. Magic Valley has more than 315,000 dairy cows, and the 
>>Treasure Valley has about 98,000.
>>California has by far the most dairy cows with 1.76 million dairy cows. 
>>According to Garber, Idaho is poised for another major expansion n up to 
>>25 percent, and within the next few years will move into third place in 
>>the nation.
>>While cows numbers nationwide have declined by almost 1.1 million head n 
>>that's 11 percent - during the past 15 years, the number of cows in the 
>>West has increased by 37 percent. Eastern U.S. cow numbers have been 
>>declining, most likely as a result of specialized, high-producing dairy 
>>farms replacing the smaller farms more traditional to the Eastern dairying 
>>region, while in 11 Western states numbers have progressively risen, 
>>industry leaders say.
>>Garber said having a center with a herd more than seven times larger than 
>>that currently at the University of Idaho will allow researchers to 
>>establish "real world comparisons."
>>Quesnell explained: "We want to study the relationship and impact these 
>>CAFOs have on irrigated cropland, and we also want to learn more about 
>>their relationship to the soil, water and air, and most importantly, the 
>>impact they have on the human populations around them.
>>"Obviously we are going to be studying the back end of a cow."
>>In addition, Quesnell said, the center will offer researchers 
>>opportunities to study energy production. That explains why INL, which 
>>specializes in energy projects, is interested in participating, he said.
>>Those promoting the center are looking for funding sources from the 
>>university, the Idaho dairy industry and the state and federal governments 
>>Proponents plan to approach lawmakers during the 2007 legislative session 
>>to discuss funding, Garber said.
>>At the same time, dairy leaders are discussing ideas with College of 
>>Southern Idaho for more classes to train dairy workers. For example, there 
>>is a need for more welding, electrical and facility-management training, 
>>Quesnell said.
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