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The Princess Writes:


Apparently Poo Stinks because it comes out of an @§§|-|0£€, viz :


"But I certainly did come to the firm conclusion that Tim Dick was the kind of person to do this after Frank Vance provoked him to do just this!"


Great, having provoked somebody to sin you thereby establish what a vile sinner that person is. THAT'S a great piece of work now isn't it!


Frankly, and Mikely, I am embarrassed for the human race to have to read that sort of thing. But maybe invincible Pooh is right and I'm wrong . . . can somebody help me locate in the Bible where it says, "Love means never having to say you're sorry"?


-- Princess Sushitushi


Dear Princess,


It seems odd to have to respond to the anonymous he/she/they kirk postings after our pastor Douglas Wilson has referred to precisely this kind of anonymity to deride public criticism against himself these many months. This blatant hypocrisy has been pointed out to you (you all) numerous times, but in good kirk-from you brazenly flaunt your thuggish right to do unto others what you will not permit them to do unto you.


I am glad that you at least made explicit that you are speaking of me and I am glad that you even go as far as to give some sort of reason for your insult.  This is a big step in the right direction.  As you know, apparently, I have just illuminated further the dark strategies of kirk apologists on my web site; it looks like you may have taken this to heart.  I have gotten word from outsiders to all this that my analysis about your dark tactics was very illuminating. Apparently, this has been somewhat illuminating for you; so I think we are going in the right direction (never give up I say!). Unfortunately, however, you (you all) have succeeded once again to rip a quote from me entirely out of context.  Given how out of context this really is here, it is hard believe this is not further intentional deceit.  Given that you are “embarrassed for the human race,” I take it that I am dealing with a fairly young man or woman who has the maturity level (when it comes to these kinds of things) of a fifth grader.  So I won’t seek to take this criticism too seriously.  However, since you actually attempted to even look like you are citing a piece of evidence in support of your insult, I certainly want to give you the argumentative chance to be heard and respond to my challenge to you.  


Here is how you have taken this out of context:  Tim Dick, CEO of non-profit Ligonier Ministries, a position nepotistically gained in virtue of his son-in-lawship to RC Sproul, makes $230,000 a year.  This is a new position for the fellow and he succeeded in ramping up the attorney fees to $64,000 just last year, apparently due to his new litigious angle to heading a non profit ministry.  The only reason Tim Dick and Frank Vance ever started dancing was because Vance was carefully and judicially pursuing the deceit and unjust subterfuge from our very own pastor Douglas Wilson for many months after Wilson tried to help out his defrocked buddy RC Sproul Jr – RC Sproul’s corrupt son.  Why was RC Sproul Jr defrocked?  Primarily due to criminal use of a tax ID number, deceit, and pastoral abuse.  Wilson waived the defrocking aside originally as a mere squabble over a point of theology and then later the CREC was involved “considering” RC Sproul Jr “ordained” after explaining that the reason for his defrocking was, come to think of it, just an issue of book of church order stuff which doesn’t apply in the CREC (!).  


This kind of deceitful and stupid behavior from Wilson and other CREC officials became notorious and Frank Vance labored at getting people the facts and the primary documents via the level playing field of the world wide web.  Because of this, Tim Dick, for obvious reasons, started pursuing Frank Vance and started hopping around on web sites and blogs calling the primary sources of information mere “slander” and started criticizing the efforts of Frank Vance.  Tim Dick started writing foolish emails to Frank Vance as well.  Because of this, X-Ligonier employees began contacting Frank Vance explaining that he had only hit the tip of the iceberg.  This led Frank Vance to Tim Dick’s son’s web site which revealed a sleazy, lazy, ignorant, pornographic, fornicating, party creep who thought his dad was really cool for taking over a multi mill business that he would take over himself once he was old enough.  Apparently, Tim Dick and his son spoke of “business” a good deal and Dick’s son therefore seems to represent the internal life of Tim Dick’s leadership of Ligonier fairly accurately.  


Witnesses also informed Frank Vance that Tim Dick was harassing people with law suit threats.  Tim Dick is such a prideful and foolish man from what I can tell, it was a real possibility that calling him a “nincompoop” would cause him to threaten France with a law suit.  If he did threaten Vance, then this would be one more allegation, already confirmed by witnesses, demonstrated true via journalistic interrogation.  But Tim Dick didn’t just threaten a law suit, he filed one and moved for the court to immediately force Frank Vance off the internet. Who in God’s Green Earth would have thought that Tim Dick would have done this!?  A mere threat would have not been picked up by big media; but a law suit like this sure would. Big media had to inform Frank Vance that there was a law suit. I’m afraid that the idea that Vance or myself are somehow implicated in the guilt behind this ludicrous action of Tim Dick is just plain silly.


There are many important things going on here; however, one of those things is NOT that Frank Vance is an “embarrassment to the human race” because he got a nationally controversial law suit filed against him from a non-profit ministry for calling its foolish, arrogant, and nepotistically placed CEO a “nincompoop”!  You can read all about it in the legal documents too; the law suit filed was for Vance calling Dick a “shark” (8. a.), disqualified (8. b.), a lying thieving con artist (8. c.), and a nincompoop (8. d.).  Further, Tim Dick is not the only evidence of “nepotistic buffoonery at Ligonier Ministries” (8. e.), has little appreciation for reformed theology (8. f.), participates in “juvenile behavior” and lives with RC Sproul in a mansion (8. g.) ….his nickname is “Dickhead,” and so on and so forth.  This is not my description of the “slander” against Tim Dick nor is it Frank Vance’s.  This is Tim Dick’s and his attorney’s choice of citation.  Notice that “nincompoop” was listed as item number four.  Since this ludricrous law suit was filed we have seen nothing but arrogance, stalling, and deceit from Ligonier Ministries and Tim Dick.  Obviously, Frank Vance did not “provoke someone to sin,” but rather finally dealt with the deep corruption and abuse that had been there all along.  


Further, the quote you cite was simply a premise in an argument explaining the nature of Frank Vance’s allegations and where the justification of those allegations are to be located; you say nothing to this and therefore are not even speaking to what I actually wrote.


Your thinking is twisted here, and I find it frightening that kirkers are continuously calling evil good and good evil even with respect to goings on outside of Moscow just because of what political relations of theirs is getting exposed.  


Thank you

Michael Metzler 


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