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Those who advocate, but are uncomfortable with an inhuman position, 
rationalize their acceptance of brutality by proclaiming that after all, 
everyone accepts it.  Murdering the innocent is wrong regardless of how long 
it has been countenanced by society or justified by the Supreme Court.

It used to be acceptable to marginalize and brutalize African Americans.  So 
too the Jews, and any number of groups over the years.  Society has been 
dreadfully wrong before, as has the Supreme Court.  (Dred Scott)  There have 
always been those who's ethical threshold was ahead of their time as well as 
those for whom any excuse for propping up the status quo would do. 
Unfortunately Teach Gier is from the latter camp.  Someday he will be 
recognized as similar to those who supported slavery and genocide.

We can choose to swallow his convoluted and morally bankrupt conclusions, or 
we can think for ourselves and listen to our collective conscience.  The 
choice is ours.  History will record those who stood for right and justice 
as well as those who enabled brutality.

"There is a dangerous silence today.  A silence that allows evil to 
flourish."   -M.L.K.

"Suffer the children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom of 
eaven."  -Jesus

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> Greetings:
> Great minds are so in tune with each other, Bob!
> Using a very similar thought experiment (being hooked to a famous 
> violinist
> without your permission), Judith Jarvis Thomson wrote a now famous article 
> for
> "Philosophy and Public Affairs."
> The power of Thomson's argument is that the violinist is a person, but our
> moral, legal, and religious tradition has recognized the fetus as a person 
> only
> late in pregnancy, a position that corresponds to the Supreme Court 
> decision of
> 1973.
> I humbly offer my own views on this topic at
> www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/abortion.htm.
> Nick Gier
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