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Item 1.
How on earth is Joan related to Melynda by law. Which laws have been 
bent, ignored or observed to justify your ridiculous comment of: "and 
those people are all related by law or blood."

And this statement is so out to lunch: "Dougie and his bunch have NOT 
been paying taxes on those boarder incomes - not to the state and not 
to the feds."

Have you seen their tax forms? Have you checked with the state to see 
if all the folks have filed for a tax id number? (I'm sure you have) 
Why do you continue to spout off false and misleading information here 
on Blind 2020. Are you just totally out to lunch. One as a sole 
proprietor may choose to use their SS number for tax purposes.

Also, tax ID numbers have to be applied for and received when you are 
running a business, ANY business be it from your home or an 
office/space. None of that has anything to do with the value of your 

Maybe if you had a job and supported yourself with hard earned monies 
you would know these minute details. You really need to get out more 
and learn to work hard.

Lemeno, Doug!

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