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OK, Arnold.  I'll play your game.


What evidence have you got that the "boarders" are paying rent?  If you feel
that "rent" is being paid (and not being reported as income), perhaps you
should report it to the IRS as income tax fraud.  That is what I would do if
I suspected somebody of managing an illegal boarding house and collecting
rent without reporting the rent as income on their 1040.


How about it?  If you need the appropriate form for filing such a fraud
claim, I would be more than glad to provide it to you.


Tom Hansen

Vandalville, Idaho



"Sins can be committed in ignorance, and the fact that they were committed
in ignorance doesn't cause the sin to just disappear . . . "

- Princess Sushitushi (September 10, 2006)



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Boarding houses do not have a 50% tax exemption the first 75K of property
value like a first home. So if the owner is boarding a person or persons and
not reported it to the government as a boarding house they are committing
tax evasion. Same as somebody in town lending out a room or two to friends
that live there for the school year. Rent charged is not relevant to the
issue because property taxes are assessed by value of a commercial property,
not income on the property. 



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