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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
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That's it! I am sick of this Corporate Giant Wal-Mart! 
 We  need to start a  campaign going against this company that is  providing jobs, low prices, giving money to local communities, health  care centers, and the poor, and now, the last straw, making health care  affordable. 
  Damn those immoral bastards. Protest now.

Tom Trail <ttrail at moscow.com> wrote:    Fwd: WAL-MART CUTS GENERIC PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES  TO $4-  
  This press release from wal-mart was sent out to all  legislators.  It details
  Wal Mart's new low cost generic drug program.

  Rep. Tom Trail
  Karianne  Fallow                                                           (Phone) 208/853.2007
  Sr.  Manager                                                                     (Fax) 208/853.5504
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  September 21,  2006
    Dear Idaho  Legislator:
    I  personally want to make you aware of an exciting new program we are  piloting in Florida as part of our continued commitment to provide more  affordable healthcare for America's working families.  Today,  Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. announced that it will make nearly 300 generic  drugs available for only $4 per prescription for up to a 30-day supply  at commonly prescribed dosages.  The program, to be launched on  Friday, September 22, will be available to customers and associates of  the 65 Wal-Mart, Neighborhood Market and Sam's Club pharmacies in Tampa  Bay, Fla. area, and will be expanded to the entire state in January  2007. Our intent is to take this program to as many states as possible  next year.
    In  February of 2005, our CEO Lee Scott pledged to work with government  leaders to find real solutions to the nation's health care problems. We  feel today's announcement is a step in the right direction. Our  pharmacies see customers struggle with the cost of prescription drugs  and we feel by cutting the cost of many generics to $4, we are helping  to ensure that our customers and associates get the medicines they need  at a price they can afford. 
    Key components of the  program include:
  §        The $4 pricing will be available to all pharmacy customers with a  prescription from a doctor that can be filled with a covered generic  medicine.
    §       This program will be available to the  uninsured.
  §       Insurance will be accepted. 
  §       The program presently covers 291 generic medications  from many of the most common therapeutic categories. 
  §        The medicines represented are used to treat and manage conditions  including allergies, cholesterol, high blood pressure and  diabetes.  Some antibiotics, antidepressants, antipsychotics and  prescription vitamins are also included.
    §       The program will be available statewide in Florida in  January 2007.
  §       Wal-Mart intends to take the program to as many states  as possible next year.
      Competition  and market forces have been absent from our healthcare system, and that  has hurt working families tremendously. We are excited to take the lead  in doing what we do best - driving costs out of the system - and  passing those savings to our customers and associates.
    The  program will help alleviate a major challenge for seniors who have  fallen into the "doughnut hole" coverage gap in their Medicare Part D  prescription drug plans and now find themselves responsible for paying  100 percent of their prescription medicine costs.
    In  addition, the program provides a solution for the nearly 2.7 million  uninsured Floridians who may also avoid filling prescriptions and  remain untreated.  Wal-Mart estimates that the program will save  the state's Medicaid program hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.
    More  importantly, rising healthcare costs are eating up more and more of  families' budgets, so this program brings a lot of value to our  customers, associates and communities. For example, purchasing a 30-day  supply of the popular diabetes drug, Metformin, for $4 represents a  nearly 50 percent savings from the cost of the brand name version of  the drug.  In addition, purchasing a 30-day supply of the brand  name blood-pressure drug typically costs $12.  Getting the  generic, Lisinopril, for $4 saves customers nearly $100 annually. These  are medicines for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, colds and  infections - the kinds of medicines that working families need so they  can treat illness, manage conditions and stay well.  
  For further  information on the program, please do not hesitate to contact me or  visit our website at www.walmartfacts.com  ..  Wal-Mart looks forward to working with you to find real  solutions to the health care challenges facing individuals and families  in your state.
  Karianne Fallow
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