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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 20 23:28:23 PDT 2006

You're right Dan. They didn't even want to be there 24/7,  just during the day. 
  Nobody in the neighborhood said it would always be easy having a  daycare that provides services for children with no other place to go,  but they all were willing to make a few sacrifices for those kids and  make them feel welcomed and not a burden on everyone around them. 
  I think your presents in City Hall sent the opposite message about our  neighborhood and how accepting it is of a diversity of people. 
  Those kids were not more burdensome then the college kids that lived  their before, and certainly no more noisy or destructive. 
  Is it the right place? Maybe not, I don't know. But I think the attitude should of been one of welcome, not prejudgment. 
  As for the pool issue, they said at the meeting they would be taking care of that, yet you still didn't voice support.
  If the minutes for this meeting show contrary to what I am saying, then  I will apologize. But until the minutes contradict what I witnessed  with my own eyes and ears, that is what I will believe until then.

Dan Carscallen <areaman at moscow.com> wrote:  Donovan says:
" . . . he didn't exactly want them living next door did he? "

again, just for clarification, nobody LIVES there (anymore).  Turning
Point wasn't looking to have anybody LIVE there.  And, for further
clarification, I didn't want a daycare there.  Period.  Heck, I didn't
want college-age renters raising fighting dogs there, either, but I'm
not sure I had recourse to that effect.  Maybe I did under some boarding
house rules, but I wasn't as knowledgeable as to how things are supposed
to go down here in Moscow back then.

I didn't think it was a "fit" for the neighborhood.  Debbie Gray is
right to ask, though.  Where is a good fit?  Personally, had not the
Moscow Charter School kicked Turning Point out of their original
location, that would have continued to be a good fit -- Ample access,
near the school/playground, all that good stuff.

Is it a good fit next to me?  Well, let's put it this way:  I have a
relatively hard time buying shirts with long enough sleeves.  Sometimes
I'll buy a shirt that has sleeves that fit, but then I wash it and the
sleeves are too short.  So I roll the sleeves up and wear the shirt
anyway.  So that's kind of what Turning Point is, to me.  It works, but
there's always something better out there.  It's just a matter of
finding it.  So you wear the shirt with the sleeves rolled up 'til you
find one that does fit.  Or you could hire someone to put longer sleeves
on it.  I applaud the new owners of Turning Point for making the back
yard safer by removing the pool, and actually giving the kids room to
play out back.

But, honestly, it doesn't matter what I say.  Donovan only hears/reads
what he wants.  I feel a little like Br'er Rabbit having a conversation
with the Tar Baby.

Your pal,


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