[Vision2020] Notch it down

Lucyzoe lucyzoe at email.com
Wed Sep 20 18:55:55 PDT 2006

Do you intend to *moderate* ALL the unkind, mean, and irrelevant comments
and characterizations? If so, you've missed a few thousand. Either the list
is moderated or it's not. Either you give every subscriber an opportunity to
fill the archives with slander, lies, hate speech, prejudice, harassment,
crassness, etc., or you ask them to agree upon a set of rules and moderate
accordingly. You can't have it both ways. No amount of *urging* is going to
make V2020 a civil place to discuss the important issues of Moscow. Too much
trash has flowed freely and very few want to do anything to stop it,
especially if they can use it to their advantage to single-out a group of
people and call them unworthy to live, work, and prosper in Moscow. One look
at the archives will tell you how far we've come as a society - and V2020 is
just a small example of how unkind people can be.
Lucy Z. Jones

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I know this will put me in line for the next blast, but I must say it:
I urge you to stop with these unkind, mean, and irrelevant comments and
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