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Bush takes honours in World Stupidity Awards
CTV.ca News Staff 
Updated: Wed. Sep. 20 2006 7:21 PM ET 

U.S. President George Bush is a big winner in this year's World Stupidity
Awards, joining the likes of the entire petroleum industry and Vice
President Dick Cheney as the recipients of top honours. 

Bush was nominated in several categories, including Stupidest Statement of
the Year and Most Out of Touch with Reality in the awards roundup which was
created to "salute achievement in ignorance and stupidity." 

But the big winner, taking home the prize for the flagship category
Stupidest Man of the Year, was District Judge Donald Thompson. 

Known as the "Oklahoma Penis Pump Judge," Thompson operated a powerful penis
pump underneath his robes -- while court was in session -- during at least
three trials. He was convicted on June 29 of four counts of felony indecent

The awards, now in their fourth year, were created by Canadian actor,
director and journalist Albert Nerenberg who worked with the philosophy that
"we're all stupid, some of us just need to have it pointed out." 

He first came up with the idea four years ago while working on a documentary
on the subject of stupidity. As a publicity stunt for the film, a mock event
called the World Stupidity Awards was held. The event garnered international
coverage from mainstream media such as the BBC, and Nerenberg realized he
was onto something. 

Now in its fourth year, the awards show has continued to garner attention,
with nominations submitted online and a panel of judges deciding the
winners. Nerenberg hopes it will eventually become an annual television

In addition to Bush and Thompson, there are other worthy winners this year. 

Harry Whittington won the Stupidest Statement of the Year award, for
apologizing after Vice-President Dick Cheney shot him during a hunting

"My family and I are deeply sorry for all that Vice President Cheney and his
family have had to go through this past week," Whittington said at the time,
still weak and visibly bruised from the birdshot that Cheney peppered him

Whittington beat out Mel Gibson's statement: "What do you think you're
looking at, sugar tits?" which he made to a female sergeant following his
arrest for drunk driving. 

Not to be outdone, Cheney took his own award, winning the "Dumbest Moment of
the Year" award for the act of shooting Whittington. 

The petroleum industry took honours for reckless endangerment of the planet,
and Fox News was recognized for having "Best Furthered Ignorance," in the

Basic Instinct 2, starring Sharon Stone, beat out Little Man and The Fast
and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, among others, to take the title of Stupidest
Movie of the Year. 

Stupidest Trend of the Year was won cleanly by "Killing people for God." 

Bush took honours in the category of "Stupidest Statement by George W.
Bush." The president's televised statement to FEMA director Michael Brown
during the Hurricane Katrina devastation: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a
job," won easily. 

Bush also won for being Most out of Touch with Reality.

The Middle East won the Lifetime Achievement Award for Stupidity. 

Nick Flynn won the award for Making a Stupid Situation Stupider by tripping
on his shoelaces, falling down a set of stairs and smashing three antique
Chinese vases in a museum. He then criticized the museum for not taking
better care of the precious artifacts

Nerenberg is currently finishing off Escape to Canada, a documentary about
Americans fleeing their country. Nerenberg is also a series for Discovery
Channel about the science of sexual attraction called Why Is It Sexy?


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"What does that mean, 'outrages upon human dignity'? That's a statement that
is wide open to interpretation."

-- George W. Bush


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