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One other thought that occurs to me as I mention high tech companies that fit the bill for the kinds of economic development we ought to be encouraging is that I totally spaced the infrastructure improvement that the City has recently sought to undertake which is directed toward the kinds of companies that we hope will grow and develop here -- extending a fiber optic connection in a continuous  loop beyond downtown, extending  to Alturas business park up Mountainview to D Street (Eggan Youth Center, I believe) and back to downtown.  And in thinking about that, I realize that I completely forgot the host for this list, First Step Internet, which has also extended high-speed connectivity throughout Latah County and their local ISP competitor, Cactus Computers.  I'm sure there are other businesses that I've forgotten, EMSI, for example, but my list was not meant to be exclusive,  just illustrative. 

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Bill, one reason not to scrap our economic development efforts is that being a bedroom community doesn't pay the bills.  The expenses of extending infrastructure and fire and police protection exceed the tax revenue brought in by mere residential property, and retail is not significantly better.  We would be much better off if we could continue to bring in and grow companies like AHA, Terra Graphics, Eco-Analysts, Alturas Analytics and Anatek Labs, etc.  Encouraging emerging businesses to develop from their infancy here, and recruiting others that value our quality of life and do not depend on extracting scarce natural resources, particularly water, for their business to succeed, is a sensible endeavor.  And it does wean us a bit from dependence on the University, while transferring some of that brain-work to the taxpaying side of the ledger.  Bruce Livingston
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