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Two more reasons . . .


>From the Charlotte Observer at:


Police investigate 'bizarre' foot licking at Wal-Mart

By Becky Purser

PERRY - Police are investigating a "bizarre" incident in which a man
claiming he was performing a religious ritual kissed a woman's feet Monday
afternoon at the Perry Wal-Mart.

Perry police Capt. Heath Dykes gave the following account of the encounter:

About 5 p.m. in Wal-Mart at 1109 St. Patrick's Drive, an 80-year-old female
shopper stumbled upon a man sitting in the floor of an aisle stocked with

The woman apologized for stepping on the man's fingers. The man told her he
was participating in a religious ritual and asked for her help.

The woman, now alarmed, complied with the man's instructions to stand on his
hands and then spit. The man began to lick the woman's feet.

Jesse James, a loss prevention officer for Wal-mart, walked up on the
strange scene and recognized the man from a photo from the Americus
Wal-Mart, warning about a similar incident there.

James confronted the unidentified man, who repeated that he was performing a
religious ritual and then fled.

"It's crazy ... really bizarre," Dykes said.

The woman was not harmed but "was really embarrassed," the officer said.

Perry police suspect the same man is responsible for the similar incidents
at the Wal-Mart in Americus, Dykes said.

"It was so bizarre that ... we're ... trying to find what code section
applies," Dykes said. "We've entitled it public indecency at this time but
we haven't had a chance to do the research on whether it would fall under
any criminal act. It's definitely bizarre."

The Americus police investigator looking into the earlier incident could not
be reached immediately for comment.

Store managers on duty at Perry and Americus declined to comment.

Sharon Weber, a Wal-mart spokeswoman, said the retail chain's policy is not
to comment on a case that police are investigating.


>From the Lexington Herald-Leader at:


3 men in drag arrested in Paris


PARIS - Three men in drag bought merchandise and wrote checks across
Kentucky and Indiana using forged identifications, Paris police said

Jacques J. Ransom, 32; Eric M. Dawson, 23; and Aaron Cortez Alexander, 31,
all of Louisville, are scheduled to be arraigned today in Bourbon District

The three were arrested and charged Saturday when Paris police received a
call about three black women trying to pass stolen checks at Wal-Mart. The
three had left the store, but police caught them on Paris Pike.

"One of them had a wig on," said Maj. Tim Gray, assistant chief of Paris
police. "The other two had adapted their natural hair into female
appearance. They had women's clothes, purses, pink cell phones, makeup,
earrings, the whole nine yards."

Police said the three possessed numerous stolen checks and merchandise.

The three allegedly stole purses from hospitals and other places, Gray said.
"They had their photo taken in drag, and they were able to paste their
picture over the original picture on the driver's license," he said.

"They would then open a checking account with that ID, and they would go all
over the state writing checks," Gray said. "When the stores asked them for
their IDs, they pulled out what appeared to be completely legal driver's

Gray said the three apparently went throughout Kentucky and Indiana,
including the Indianapolis area.

Dawson was charged with receiving stolen property; Ransom was charged with
first-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument; and all three were
charged with multiple counts of second-degree criminal possession of a
forged instrument.

The three remained in the Bourbon County jail yesterday in lieu of $10,000
bond apiece.


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