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Wed Sep 20 07:34:27 PDT 2006

  Dan Carscallen was trying to block disabled children from entering the neighborhood.
  He went to the CUP meeting, stood, and testified on the record as being  a neighbor of the proposed site and why he opposed it. 
 I  agree, he did not spit on the disabled kids, or say that he hated them,  or picket them. He did not say, "I hate disabled kids." And I am sure  he loves disabled children. But he didn't exactly want them living next  door did he?
 He did oppose them. And yes, you are correct  that not all the other children that were at the facility were  disabled, but it is if not the only, certainly is one of the few  preschools that accepts and is trained to care for disabled children  here in Moscow. 
  The excuses that you present;
  1) The parking issue
  2) Turning around in the street issue
  3) The noise factor
  Were not legitimate factors until AFTER the move because we did not  know what the parking, turning around issue, and noise factors would  be. 
 Him and his neighbor threw 100 excuses at the meeting  as to why they didn't want the facility there. None of them made any  sense. 
 Second, parking, turning around, and noise is going  to exist in any neighborhood. Why is mine and Dan's neighborhood any  different? There is in fact more parking and less traffic on that  non-through street then most others. To say that a day care for  disabled children cannot go into our neighborhood because it is noisy,  adds traffic, and people turn around in the parking lot, is to say that  they belong in no neighborhood at all. 
 The rest the people  in the neighborhood, and many of my co-church members felt the same way  that attended the meeting. Why do you think they all cheered when the  board passed it.
 We went through all this before, the same  excuses when we tried to put the group home for Milestones on the 6th  Street, just one block away, as well as the other two houses. 

Debbie Gray <graylex at yahoo.com> wrote:  Donovan,
I attended the exact same CUP hearing that you
attended wherein you think Dan Carscallen was "trying
to block disabled children from moving into the
neighborhood." I have read similar comments from you
about the same thing and I have to say the following:
--Nobody was trying to prevent disabled children from
moving into his neighborhood.
--The CUP hearing was whether to grant a conditional
use permit (aka CUP) to the daycare/preschool known as
Turning Point, an organization who that provided
services to special need kids. However, the whole
clientele are not special needs kids. The kids there
have a wide range of abilities and needs. I think I
have an expert opinion on this because both of my
children have attended Turning Point at its various
locations over the past 6 years.  
--Dan Carscallen and OTHERS expressed their
reservations about whether a large-scale childcare
operation was a good fit for their neighborhood
--Parents of Turning Point children and OTHERS
expressed their support of Turning Point (I would have
but was busy wrestling with my then 3ish year old
daughter who was running in and out of the hearing
like a crazed monkey. Nothing new there.)
--Dan Carscallen's and OTHERS' main concerns seemed to
be 1)Noise concerns; 2)Parking concerns; 3)Traffic
concerns and 4)Safety concerns for the daycare
children and the neighborhood
--The CUP was granted but there were difficulties with
the landlord thinking she could also have renters and
many other issues that the neighbors were quick to
bring to the attention of the city (and I don't blame
them one bit)
--One thing very obvious about the CUP hearing was
that everyone thinks child care operations are great,
but nobody wants to give them a home. Where should
these operations be housed? What zoning IS appropriate
for them? What facility that would be in an
appropriately zoned area would be a good facility FOR
a childcare center? 

These are the facts. Nowhere in the CUP meeting nor
any time when dropping my daughter off or interacting
with the staff did I notice Dan Carscallen picketing
against disabled children, he never slashed my tires
for daring to drop off a child, no foul substances
were smeared on my automobile window, etc. etc. 
I don't know how he feels about the childcare
operation now but I hope that his and his neighbors
concerns are now in the past.

This is just one example of your version of events
that really destroys your credibility. 

As for the name calling incivility that is running
rampant here on Vision2020, you are just one obnoxious
voice in a field of plenty. But maybe you could be the
first to step back and try to regain some civility in
your correspondence.

Debbie Gray

--- Donovan Arnold 

> Danny C. (AKA Area Man),
>  I can see you are still hot under  the collar from
> me pointing out that you went to City Hall to block 
> disabled children from moving into the neighborhood.
>  That will be  a real vote getter in the 2007
> election, hey? 
>   Best,
>   _DJA

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