[Vision2020] why is Moscow growing?

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I've thought for years that geography is the difference between the 
two towns but not local geography: state geography. Consider the 
mind-set of students when they leave home to go to college. For Idaho 
students, they are going to notoriously "liberal" Moscow from 
southern Idaho and its socially conservative demographics. They are 
largely eager to be here. For Washington students, they are going 
into exile at a school in a wheat field where they put windows in 
cows stomachs hundreds of miles from the bustle of the west side and 
they can't wait to leave.


At 10:14 PM -0700 9/19/06, Nils Peterson wrote:
>Bruce, I think that is a very good answer.
>The report suggests Moscow has attracted residents who might have chosen to
>live elsewhere. We understand some of the reasons for that attraction.
>Clearly, these are small communities and one big success like Schweitzer
>landing in one town or the other will have regional effects, but I think we
>would usefully ask what steps would expand on Moscow's attraction and
>especially on attracting the kinds of companies you list.
>Its always struck me (since 68 when my family moved here) how similar
>Pullman and Moscow are at a gross demographic level and how different they
>are on a micro level. I've long wondered about the reasons for the
>My current hypothesis is that Moscow has more flat land, and much of the
>flat land lies in downtown and between the town and university.
>Among illustrative examples, consider the amount of land developed by the
>railroads. There used to be two turn tables in Moscow, (near hwy 95). I know
>of none in Pullman. So Pullman was more of a pass-through place and Moscow a
>shop and destination or engine change location (e.g., more RR industry and
>While I'm willing to accept the NewCities "Knowledge Corridor, don't compete
>with Pullman" notions, how does Moscow use its geographic features to
>advantage? A previous answer was the regional shopping malls. What is the
>next answer?
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>>  Bill, one reason not to scrap our economic development efforts is 
>>that being a
>>  bedroom community doesn't pay the bills.  The expenses of extending
>>  infrastructure and fire and police protection exceed the tax revenue brought
>>  in by mere residential property, and retail is not significantly better.  We
>>  would be much better off if we could continue to bring in and grow companies
>>  like AHA, Terra Graphics, Eco-Analysts, Alturas Analytics and Anatek Labs,
>>  etc.  Encouraging emerging businesses to develop from their 
>>infancy here, and
>>  recruiting others that value our quality of life and do not depend on
>>  extracting scarce natural resources, particularly water, for their 
>>business to
>>  succeed, is a sensible endeavor.  And it does wean us a bit from 
>>dependence on
>>  the University, while transferring some of that brain-work to the taxpaying
>>  side of the ledger.  Bruce Livingston
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>>    The report is available at:
>>    http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/SpecialTopics/MoscowGrowth.htm
>>    the core answer, according to my reading, is the 2,000 WSU and Schweitzer
>>  employees that live in Latah County.
>>    Which makes me wonder why Moscow is spending so much chasing the gods of
>>  Economic Development.
>>    I can hear the moaning now from the LEDC etc who spend piles of taxpayer
>  > money chasing Growth.
>>    What would happen if we just declared victory in the economic development
>>  wars and scrapped all our economic development effort?
>>    BL

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