[Vision2020] why is Moscow growing?

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Bill, one reason not to scrap our economic development efforts is that being a bedroom community doesn't pay the bills.  The expenses of extending infrastructure and fire and police protection exceed the tax revenue brought in by mere residential property, and retail is not significantly better.  We would be much better off if we could continue to bring in and grow companies like AHA, Terra Graphics, Eco-Analysts, Alturas Analytics and Anatek Labs, etc.  Encouraging emerging businesses to develop from their infancy here, and recruiting others that value our quality of life and do not depend on extracting scarce natural resources, particularly water, for their business to succeed, is a sensible endeavor.  And it does wean us a bit from dependence on the University, while transferring some of that brain-work to the taxpaying side of the ledger.  Bruce Livingston
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  the core answer, according to my reading, is the 2,000 WSU and Schweitzer employees that live in Latah County.
  Which makes me wonder why Moscow is spending so much chasing the gods of Economic Development.
  I can hear the moaning now from the LEDC etc who spend piles of taxpayer money chasing Growth.
  What would happen if we just declared victory in the economic development wars and scrapped all our economic development effort?


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