[Vision2020] Mr. Ed's Detractors

Dick Sherwin rvrcowboy at clearwire.net
Tue Sep 19 15:47:22 PDT 2006

Hey "J"

I don't think most of those you mention in your post care one way or the
other about Wilson and his church, certainly not I.  We just get tired of
hearing you whinners over and over and over again.  For Pete's sake!!  If it
wasn't for Wilson and crew, what would you have to devote your lives too?

Most of you, and especially you, are more deliberate followers of Wilson
than even his own flock.  One could easily believe you have him wired, or
something, so you can keep track of his every move.  This is beginning to
look very much like idol worship.

They say there is a thin line between love and hate and it appears to many
of us that line may be getting a bit blurry to some here when it comes to
Wilson.  Your hatred of him and all he stands for reminds me of a person
with an incurable disease who lets that disease become their best friend and
uses it as an excuse for everything in their life.  I don't believe you
would want to see Wilson just up and go away, for fear you life would be

Whatever would you spend all your time doing if that should happen?

Dick S
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> I know DJA, Dick, ToKnee, sportsboyzinthekirkhood, et al like to play
> pretend and say that there are oh, about nine (9) people in Moscow that do
> not appreciate Dougie-boy and his gang is misfits; but just take a look at
> the gathering of letters that someone put together regarding Iverson and
> words of hate, mistrust, misinformation and the fact that the Daily News
> keeps supporting Dougie-boy's kind of take on societal breakdown
> it is the fault of all non-CCer's that the society is as bad as it
> are the white way, truth and belief not to mention manliness.  So the rest
> of us best get with the program and follow him or else!)
> http://cultists.blogspot.com/
> Go down to "Mr. Ed's Greatest Hits".  Pics are pretty good too.
> J  :]
> P.S.  BTW, Dougie - seen Mike H any time recently?  I noticed his office
> ALWAYS dark and empty...just like his house.
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