[Vision2020] Celebrate completion of more Paradise bike path

Pennsylvania Place penn_place_boise at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 06:57:35 PDT 2006

Three cheers for the Paradise Path! It'll be much easier to pull my kids in the bike trailer without that dang gravel!
  Now, does anyone know whether the Latah Trail is completely paved all the way to Troy yet? The last time I took my road bike out there I made it a couple of miles past Joel before I hit the gravel... 

Nils Peterson <nils_peterson at wsu.edu> wrote:
  When Washington St asphalt was ground up, some of it was re-laid as bike
path, from Berman Park west to 95, and tonight I found more from 8th NW
along the creek toward 6th.

The path was freshly oiled and barricaded, but the paving is in place.

Thanks to all who have contributed vision and energy to getting these path
links completed.

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