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Mon Sep 18 22:53:30 PDT 2006

You can read the report on the website. The powerpoint tonight didn't shed
much light, pretty much like having someone read the chapter to you from the
book. ;-(

They say: Moscow is the only community or county in the area that is
growing, but Moscow growth rate is slowing toward zero, which should bode
well for the aquifer

And Moscow is getting richer, because of 'out-commuters' who seem to be
taking high paying jobs elsewhere and living in Bedroom Community Moscow.
(I'm one of them, if you call my job 'high paying.')

My thoughts during the presentation

If Moscow median income is rising what is all this fuss for a WalMart, why
not fuss for a bog box that targets a higher median income?

If more UI retirees are staying here, what does that suggest for demand for
commercial and for services. Maybe we need high end housing near downtown,
and easy walking to hospital for pacemaker tune-ups (You can see I just sat
through an amazing Council meeting)

Bottom line -- Where ever these people and new building is coming from,
there is not as much of it as you think, and they are getting their money
(income or retirement transfer payment) from outside, not working in town.

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> Please note the following item on the City Council agenda for this
> evening:
> In 1995, Professors Jon R. Miller and Steven S. Peterson of the
> University of Idaho authored a study of growth in Moscow entitled "Why
> is Moscow Growing?"  The study was funded, in part, by the City and was
> intended to help answer questions about the growth trends of the City.
> In the interest of having current information on these matters, the
> Council authorized the expenditure to have the study updated.
> Professors Miller and Peterson have completed their work and will
> present it to the City Council.
> If you would like to view this report, it is available on the City
> website:  www.ci.moscow.id.us <http://www.ci.moscow.id.us/>   there is a
> link to the report from the center column.

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