[Vision2020] attacks that really matter

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Jeesh, Arnold -

Now I'm confused.

Are we discussing Sunil and his suposed defense of child molesters or are we 
talking about the un-Pastorized Douglas "When Sitler's free, he belongs to 
me" Wilson and the infamous "we all should forgive Sitler because he has 
repented" letter?


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Inquiring minds want to know, Arnold.

Tom Hansen
Vandalville, Idaho

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>Thanks for your remarks and perspective. I always appreciate it. I don't
>disagree with what you are saying, but you are not addressing my point.
>Perhaps it got lost along the trail of emails.
>1) I am not talking about not defending people that have been accused of a
>crime. I think that is all fine and dandy. I even support the right of an
>appeal, maybe even two or three in cases of rape, child molestation or
>2) I am not stating that I believe that public defenders are evil, or 
>What I am saying is here, if you have a guy who has been convicted by a
>court of law, the guy admits to molesting these children, and many more and
>the lawyer argues the guy has the RIGHT to leave jail, get in a car, and
>drive to another town, spend time there, and come back, completely
>unsupervised during the travel time--we have a public defender that isn't
>defending anyone.
>I don't think that is even in the best interests of the child molester
>because they are placed in a position to re-offend which would result in a
>worse conviction. I think it is perfectly reasonable to argue that this
>person should be with someone at all times that has been trained to prevent
>and limit temptation of the perp. If there is not somebody available to
>watch and supervisor this person, they should not be allowed out of jail.
>I also don't think it is in the best interests of the defense to argue for
>early release. Early release increases their chance of re-offending,
>resulting in worse sentences against for the offender.
>I don't think there is a problem with the law. I think there is a problem
>with a judicial system that does not seek the truth but instead has two
>lawyers squaring off against each other to see who can win regardless of
>what is best for society and the people involved. The people that can 
>it is the lawyers. We don't have a system that  is about  truth and 
>but about cash and the ability to make a good legal argument.
>As Dick pointed out, I am not arguing points of law, or legislation so much
>as I am arguing points of morality and safety. A defense attorney, public,
>or private, that allows a person who has murdered and/or molested the
>innocent is committing a grave sin against society just to win a case.
>Lawyers that hide behind the law, may do so, but they cannot hide from God
>and his law and the knowledge that they released someone that goes on to
>harm many others.
>Gary, the difference between you and many lawyers, is that if someone asked
>you to unlock a house door so they could beat their wife or rape a child,
>you would not say, OK, he paid my fee who am I to get in the way of this
>Best to you Gary,

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