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Ken et. al.

Thanks for this critical information...

As we attempt to bring democracy to Iraq by force, a nation that is not
ready for it even if a majority there think it a good idea, here in the USA
we have one of the lowest rates of participation in elections of any
established democracy, along with an electoral system that has numerous
flaws and potential for abuse, denying access to voting, or a fair count of
all votes, for many citizens.

These electronic voting machines that do not provide a backup document for
vote recounts, along with the demonstrated potential for manipulation of the
electronic vote total, are a discouragement to voting for a cynical public
that already believes in large numbers that voting is a waste of time.

Ted Moffett

On 9/16/06, Ken <kmmos at verizon.net> wrote:
> Three researchers at Princeton University have obtained a Diebold
> AccuVote-TS voting machine, and report on the vulnerabilities of its
> security system. The first link is a short voice over video demonstration
> of that describes an election-stealing process.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwWP-N1HqT0
> The second link is a 24-page technical paper in PDF format that describes
> in
> more detail what the researchers did, the conclusions they reach, and
> recommendations they offer. The article contains screenshots of the
> machine
> in action and a photo of the voting machine's circuit board. The research
> article is on-line at:
> http://itpolicy.princeton.edu/voting
> Ken Marcy
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