[Vision2020] Iverson Hates!!!and Moscow Daily News Lets Him Show ItAGAIN

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Sat Sep 16 19:41:07 PDT 2006


I have a feeling that Iverson, just like Vera White and her ultra left 
spats, will soon be regulated to cooking or sport articles.


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>Subject: [Vision2020] Iverson Hates!!!and Moscow Daily News Lets Him Show 
>Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 19:18:01 -0700
>Anyone else notice, as did the person noted in the below piece, how there 
>seems to be a pattern for Iverson and the Daily News of publishing hateful 
>and prejudicial pieces during busy weekends?  Like in Feb when the Jazz 
>Fest was going on and Iverson spoke at length about his opinion of blacks 
>and affirmative action as well as homosexuals.  Seems like these are rather 
>Is it me or does the Daily News seem to be AIMING at hurting certain 
>populations in Moscow?  I can not believe they would think Iverson's tripe 
>and hatred sells papers.
>Get a clue, DN....YOU ARE WRONG and IVERSON IS WRONG for being a hatemonger 
>and bigots.  It makes a person think about canceling their 
>subscription...oh yeah!  I do not have one.
>My gain!
>"Iverson’s rant spoils weekend.  A big football weekend (Sept. 9 & 10) with 
>Vandal and Cougar supporters pouring into the Palouse, and the University 
>of Idaho College of Art and Architecture celebrating a new beginning with 
>visitors from all over the Northwest (and one from Spain), and amazingly 
>the Moscow-Pullman Daily News unlocks the attic door and Uncle Eddie 
>(Iverson) clumps down the stairs for one of his Saturday rants about 
>homosexuals, the loony left, the emotional blackmail used by supporters of 
>women’s right to choose and useless lefty judges.
>What a strange Saturday morning read for all our visitors. And a time for 
>the rest of us to have another cup of coffee, shake our collective heads in 
>embarrassment and turn to Peanuts for some love and compassion and Frank 
>and Ernest for real intellectual exchange.
>Ross Coates
>J  :]
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