[Vision2020] Iverson Hates!!!and Moscow Daily News Lets Him Show It AGAIN

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 16 19:18:01 PDT 2006

Anyone else notice, as did the person noted in the below piece, how there 
seems to be a pattern for Iverson and the Daily News of publishing hateful 
and prejudicial pieces during busy weekends?  Like in Feb when the Jazz Fest 
was going on and Iverson spoke at length about his opinion of blacks and 
affirmative action as well as homosexuals.  Seems like these are rather 

Is it me or does the Daily News seem to be AIMING at hurting certain 
populations in Moscow?  I can not believe they would think Iverson's tripe 
and hatred sells papers.

Get a clue, DN....YOU ARE WRONG and IVERSON IS WRONG for being a hatemonger 
and bigots.  It makes a person think about canceling their subscription...oh 
yeah!  I do not have one.

My gain!

"Iverson’s rant spoils weekend.  A big football weekend (Sept. 9 & 10) with 
Vandal and Cougar supporters pouring into the Palouse, and the University of 
Idaho College of Art and Architecture celebrating a new beginning with 
visitors from all over the Northwest (and one from Spain), and amazingly the 
Moscow-Pullman Daily News unlocks the attic door and Uncle Eddie (Iverson) 
clumps down the stairs for one of his Saturday rants about homosexuals, the 
loony left, the emotional blackmail used by supporters of women’s right to 
choose and useless lefty judges.

What a strange Saturday morning read for all our visitors. And a time for 
the rest of us to have another cup of coffee, shake our collective heads in 
embarrassment and turn to Peanuts for some love and compassion and Frank and 
Ernest for real intellectual exchange.

Ross Coates

J  :]

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