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From:  The Daily News 09-14-06 


Published: 09-14-2006 

Columnist spreads prejudice 

I urge the people of Moscow to read Ed Iverson's column (Opinion, Sept. 9 & 10). I realize my 27 years of medical practice does not compare to his wisdom, and I don't have the space here to refute his slanted statistics about disease and sexuality, so suffice it to say I humbly disagree. 

I routinely see spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) in the first trimester of pregnancy and have known gynecologists who perform first trimester abortions. The image of a doctor "plunging a fork into a child's head . in the very act of birth" is beyond ludicrous. And the connection between abortion and foie gras? Only a schizophrenic off their medicines could make that one. 

But that is not why I am writing. I would ask the people of this community to read Iverson's column and ask: Is it written with humility or arrogance? Is it tolerant or intolerant? Does it come from love or hatred? What would Jesus write? 

I am the father of a gay son (whose picture happened to be in that same day's paper in the 9/11 story). God created him gay just like he created me straight. I have seen him hurt too many times when nasty people like Ed Iverson spread their prejudices under the cover of religion. 

I would be a hypocrite to call myself a Christian because I cannot live up to the Christian philosophy of selflessness, loving one's enemies, and rejecting personal wealth. Now I have another reason to avoid the label. That is to avoid being associated with people like Ed Iverson and the institution of Christ Church which he represents. 

Maybe if we all boycott the businesses downtown that support Christ Church we can help. Sometimes if you deny a cancer it's blood supply, it goes away. 

Jay Hunter M.D., Moscow 
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