[Vision2020] Global warming - what you gonna do - plant trees

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thanks for your effort.
When we moved to our present home, we planted a dozen trees (and an
equivalent number of native bushes on a berm along the street).  The bushes
have now formed a beautiful noise/sight barrier that is very
wildlife-friendly.  The trees have grown into a mini-forest.
Planting trees is the solution to many issues.....

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> One of the terms that got kicked around in previous discussions of this
> topic was 'carbon sequestration.' That sounded like some fancy high-tech
> solution until I realized it connected to one of my favorite things -
> So I contacted Roger Blanchard, City Forester, to ask what were the
> factors impacting adding more trees to the city. Possibilities included
> land, plant material, and labor, esp to maintain the seedlings for the
> couple summers.
> Roger reported ample unplanted land, access to tree stock, but a
> in labor (or volunteers) to keep the trees maintained.
> So I explored with Roger where I might plant and maintain trees along
> Paradise Path in the vicinity of Styner and Blaine (that is, extending the
> Travois Linear Park plantings started by Gene Thompson to the E & W.)
> As I think about this, it means a commitment to haul water to my trees at
> least 10, maybe 20 times/summer, so I think I'll be selective on where and
> how many I attempt.
> But maybe you would like to join my effort. Joe Campbell can join me at my
> sites (his neighborhood). You may prefer to join the effort more
> in your yard, or at some other location around town. (check with Roger
> before you plant City property, but consider that an option.) Could we get
> 1000 trees planted?  V2020 has enough members that we could collectively
> reach that goal. I'll do 10.
> I am going to focus on trees that grow to a large size and live a long
> (maximum sequestration). I visited the owners of the crimson oaks on 6th
> (between Hayes and Blaine) and was generously given all the acorns I could
> find and all the seedlings I could dig from their flower beds. I'll also
> transplant oak seedlings from places I find them in the Travois Linear
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