[Vision2020] Global warming - what you gonna do - plant trees

Nils Peterson nils_peterson at wsu.edu
Thu Sep 14 08:16:29 PDT 2006

One of the terms that got kicked around in previous discussions of this
topic was 'carbon sequestration.' That sounded like some fancy high-tech
solution until I realized it connected to one of my favorite things - trees.

So I contacted Roger Blanchard, City Forester, to ask what were the limiting
factors impacting adding more trees to the city. Possibilities included
land, plant material, and labor, esp to maintain the seedlings for the first
couple summers.

Roger reported ample unplanted land, access to tree stock, but a limitation
in labor (or volunteers) to keep the trees maintained.

So I explored with Roger where I might plant and maintain trees along
Paradise Path in the vicinity of Styner and Blaine (that is, extending the
Travois Linear Park plantings started by Gene Thompson to the E & W.)

As I think about this, it means a commitment to haul water to my trees at
least 10, maybe 20 times/summer, so I think I'll be selective on where and
how many I attempt.

But maybe you would like to join my effort. Joe Campbell can join me at my
sites (his neighborhood). You may prefer to join the effort more generally,
in your yard, or at some other location around town. (check with Roger
before you plant City property, but consider that an option.) Could we get
1000 trees planted?  V2020 has enough members that we could collectively
reach that goal. I'll do 10.

I am going to focus on trees that grow to a large size and live a long time
(maximum sequestration). I visited the owners of the crimson oaks on 6th
(between Hayes and Blaine) and was generously given all the acorns I could
find and all the seedlings I could dig from their flower beds. I'll also
transplant oak seedlings from places I find them in the Travois Linear Park.

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