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We all see things from our own perspective, Shirly (Pissdoff).  Here's mine.

I have dined at both Gambino's and Basilio's several times.  Each time the food was tasty, inexpensive and the service generally satisfactory, sometimes excellent, sometime merely adequate.  Both of these restaurants did not represent themselves as gourmet restaurants with accordingly high prices.  They were pleasant places to enjoy an occasional meal.  My last three meals out have been at Giorgio's, Zona's Late Night Bistro, and Crazyweeds, all of which are gourmet restaurants with extremely good service and prices that go with such.

I don't know anything about Palouse Properties except they managed a rental house in our neighborhood which became a serious noise, dog, fire, and shooting problem.  After Palouse Properties were made aware of the problem, they helped, along with the LCSD, to solve it, eventually encouraging the habitually offending tenants to vacate.

Two of the businesses you name are overtly anti-kirk for various and good reasons.  I suspect the same of the third, but it is not so overt about it.

Your stained slip is showing, Shirly. 

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I also agree with Pat about the reason Basilios faced a downturn. It had nothing to do with parking. I took my family there several times, and each time the food was mediocre and the service was terrible. I don't have enough money to waste it. I try to give restaurants a second chance, but I figure that three bad experiences is enough. 

It's the same reason my family started boycotting Gambino's - thugs hanging around the front door smoking, horrible service, and filthy conditions.

I didn't stop going to either place because of parking.

Penny P.

Pat Kraut <pkraut at moscow.com> wrote:
  I wanted to submit this letter to the paper but it is too long so I have
  edited it but will post the whole thing on this site for your enjoyment.


  I disagree that the city council did a good thing in postponing the decision
  about the possible parking problem downtown.
  The council was shown a photo of the Jackson Street lot and Mr. Lambert said
  there were empty spots available a fact that seemed to get lost somewhere as
  the evening went on. No one asked just how many spaces are in the lot and if
  NSA has 200 or 150 students and they all want to park will it fill that lot?
  Am I to assume that the council already knows the answer to the question?
  Does anyone on the council know the answer to that question? How many spots
  on main or any other street in the area are there and who fills them? Are
  people eating? Visiting the doctor? How long do they stay at the gym? Do
  other businesses downtown ask their employees their parking habits? Shouldn'
  t we actually do some sort of survey and find out if there really is a
  The council was informed that there are problems with zones putting a
  parking lot in any other area of town except the central business zone but
  is making NSA find more spots anyway. It would be fair to ask NSA to find 42
  more spots in town if anyone could be sure that there actually is a parking
  problem. I would be more convinced that there is a problem with some people
  finding what they believe is convenient parking. Maybe what we need is more
  handicapped parking for those who have trouble walking any distance and an
  exercise program for the others. How long has it been since the city
  actually did any type of questioning of those parking downtown because other
  businesses say there is a problem does not make is truth. I remember the
  restaurant in the hotel and I can assure it wasn't parking that made my
  friends and I stop eating there. It was one very bad meal with lousy
  service. Moscow is a small town and the word gets out quickly. Most of my
  friends and I have lived in Moscow a long time and know how to find parking
  to any location so I do not believe it was parking that closed that
  Once again a city council has simply left the real decision for another year
  and another council.
  Pat Kraut

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