[Vision2020] Hypocrisy, Lies, Phonies, and Eternal Damnation

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My kinsman Latimer Tyndale has made a number of comments (repeated below)
which deserve additional comment and raise other questions.

I must note first that Scots are generally a skeptical folk, not usually
gullible.  We have had more than our share of scoundrels, villains, liars,
con artists, and religious phonies, but generally we are harder to fool than
others.  This leads me to believe that:

1.  Members of the pseudo-kirk of which Latimer speaks of and calls the cult
(a term which I will now employ) are obviously not Scots.  Scots would have
foundered the obvious phonies in their midst long ago.  I venture to guess
that many members (exculing the parasites) of this cult are a rather
gullible bunch of hapless, critical thinking challenged mongrels with
desperately needy psyches which makes them unable to tell a real scent from
a false one.

2.  Scots can be fooled.  Moderns call it "mass hysteria" -- blindly
accepting an alleged pot of haggis without looking at it carefully because
others do or it is just easier that way -- wiser Scots call it "mass
idiocy."  Scots have engaged in this at times in their history, but because
of their dour skepticism, they quickly recover.

3.  The phenomenon of the present cult  is not the first time crackpot ideas
have taken firm, intrusive roots in Moscow, Idaho.  See *PSYCHIANA*
http://www.angelfire.com/wi2/ULCds/psychianaA.html  and then use Google
further.  However, as far I can tell in the case of Psychiana, no child
molesters were accommodated, no serious criminals were serviced with pleas
of leniency to the court or sheltered, and no environment was created where
sexual predators could flourish.

4.  Latimer points out the stark inconsistency between the words of
so-called Pastor Wilson in the quote given from some Princess and his words
and actions in the Sitler child sexual predator case.  After viewing just
this evidence most likely no self-respecting Scot would see this Wilson as
anything but a self-promoting huckster who cares little about anything but
his and his family's own wealth and power.

After reviewing material on the pervert Sitler case, a question has occurred
to me:  I wonder if before Sitler was even admitted to NSA Wilson knew about
or at least had some idea about Sitler's sexual proclivities, perhaps from
discussions/pleas with/from Sitler's parents?

Of course, none of the principals are going to talk about this.  Each of us
must craft a personal answer with indirect evidence.  I have have came to my
personal answer given Wilson's greed, arrogance, misguided belief in his own
powers, and his apparent disregard for the community at large. Of course, my
answer is only a guess and could be wrong.   I was also influenced in
crafting my answer by Sitler's mother's allegation that it was her, not
Sitler, that filled his Internet Trophy Case.  (As Seinfeld would say,
"Yeah, right.")

Incidentally, the existence of this Internet Trophy Case/Photo Gallery
allegedly containing  photos of some of Sitler's child sexual
abuse/defilement victims is one of the sickest things that I have ever heard
of and presages a very low probability of effective therapy for Sitler.  It
also makes one wonder what Wilson will help promulgate with his boarding
system in order to maintain or to grow his business.  It also makes one
wonder how many more sexual predators may be  alurk in Wilson's
empire/business and how hard it might turn out to be to expose them.

Accordingly, I wonder if the above-mentioned aspects of the case were ever
investigated by law enforcement, let alone investigated carefully and

A Scot's Christianity is quite simple.  Follow the clear words of Jesus as
found in the four Gospels -- love your neighbor and your enemy alike, take
care of the poor and sick (God's criteria for earning eternal bliss), do not
amass wealth unless you give it to the poor and sick, don't lie, don't
commit murder, theft, or adultery, and turn the other cheek when smote.
Though he or she may go to a kirk, a Scot's religious relationship is
directly with God.  No middlemen (or women) are needed to selfishly and to
egotistically fuzz up and contaminate/confuse that relationship.

In that light I find this phony kirk/cult business to be heretical and
anti-Christian in the extreme.  I greatly fear that those that follow the
words of Wilson rather than the clear words of Jesus as found in the Gospels
will suffer for this horrendous mistake with eternal damnation -- unless
they discover for themselves the error of their ways, repent, and adjust
their behavior accordingly.  I urge these poor misguided but hungry souls to
carefully read for themselves without any toxic guidance the four Gospels
and make their relationship correctly and directly with God, and get out of
the clutches of an avaricious, control freak egotist.

Goudimel Wishart


In a Vision 2020 post dated Tuesday, August, 15, 2006, 10:16 AM, Princess
Doug Jones of the Church of the Christless wrote:

"It should be added, as Doug Wilson has made clear repeatedly, the death
penalty is not automatically required for adultery, homosexual acts, and
other forms of "porneia." When guilt is established, such crimes are to be
dealt with severely, but the meting out of the death penalty is just one
option available to the judge."

Contrast the quoted claim above with the actual facts about Wilson's

One of Wilson's ersatz Christian students at New Saint Andrews, James
Sitler, was caught molesting at least one child of a family with whom Wilson
had placed Sitler as a boarder.

Subsequent investigation produced credible allegations that Sitler had
engaged in more than 120 instances of similar behavior with an undisclosed
number of victims in at least three states.  Further revelations include the
fact that Sitler maintained on an Internet website a gallery of photo's of
young children including some of his alleged victims.

What did the self-important, self-proclaimed broker of God Wilson do in this
case?  Did he publicly demand that "such crimes are to be dealt with
severely?"  No, no, and no.  Not only did Wilson assist Stiler to find a
member-of-the-cult attorney so that Sitler, Wilson, and the cult could be
protected from the consequences of Sitler's and Wilson's actions, but Wilson
wrote a letter to the court recommending extreme leniency.

Here is the final paragraph of the "such crimes are to be dealt with
severely" Wilson's letter to the court:

"I am grateful Steven was caught, and am grateful he has been brought to
account for these actions so early in his life. I am grateful that he will
be sentenced for his behavior, and that there will be hard consequences for
him in real time. At the same time, I would urge that the civil penalties
applied would be measured and limited. I have good hope that Steven has
genuinely repented, and that he will continue to deal with this to become a
productive and contributing member of society."
As a result of plea negotiation, Wilson's request for leniency, and an
admittance of guilt of only one of the many instances of his perverted,
childhood destroying behavior, Sitler was sentenced to one year, which he is
now serving in the Latah County jail with release privileges to attend
so-called "therapy" sessions.

A letter reputed to be in the case file, almost all of which is now sealed
and thus protecting Sitler and Wilson, describes in the words of the parents
of another victim from another state one of Sitler's actions where Sitler
attempted to force a very young child to kiss and to suck his male member.

Folks, we are not dealing with a habitual shoplifter here where a one year
sentence might conceivably be appropriate.  We are dealing with serial,
perverted, seriously dangerous, sexual predator!  Yet the "such crimes are
to be dealt with severely" Wilson help to engineer this one year sentence
travesty of justice and thus the continued availability of this threat to
children.  Not only that, but the unrepentant, in-every-one's-face arrogant
Wilson continues to place other students, some of whom may turn out also to
be sexual predators, in the homes of clueless cult members* where other
children may be at risk to become victims.

There is also the yet to be officially and openly answered questions about
what happened when the molestation in the case for which Sitler was
sentenced was first discovered -- especially about exactly and completely
the actions various members of the cult, including Wilson, took.

The phony, power-craving-and-driven Wilson styles his Christless cult as a
Scottish village kirk.  What incredible hypocrisy!  What an incredible lie!
(*And what a bunch of sheepish dummies that believe it in the face of
overwhelming evidence to the contrary!)  If a pervert like Sitler was
discovered in a real Scottish village performing his gross, despicable,
predatory acts on even one child, he would be hung, and not by the neck.  If
the pastor of the village kirk would also be so perverted as to "urge that
the civil penalties applied would be measured and limited," that pastor
would probably also be hung similarly before being "invited" to leave the

The hypocritical, phony, I-am-smarter-and-more-godly-than-anyone Wilson is
horrid blight on all persons of Scottish descent.  Much worse and very
unfortuante for those that believe him, he is also an unconscionable,
hypocritical blight on those who sincerely wish to follow Christ and hope
for eternal salvation from such a following.

Latimer Tyndale
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