[Vision2020] Speaking of Sports how bout St. Andy's Rugby?

Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 12 15:45:13 PDT 2006

I think NSA took a giant step forward by starting a rugby club.  To have a 
lacrosse team represent them, they must have realized, was an embarassment 
that they've rectified.

I think the attitude of humility Rose was querying embodies the rugby 
spirit.  No showboating, no talking, don't go into spasms if you're fouled, 
just play hard.  If someone on the other team plays dirty, don't fuss and 
don't talk; sooner or later he'll be at the bottom of the ruck, and will 
have to be removed with the proper application of cleats.  He'll know why it 


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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Speaking of Sports how bout St. Andy's Rugby?
>Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:58:03 -0700
>Wow!  Glorifying God through intelligent, hard-hitting rugby!  Grrrrrrrrrr!
>And this from our only known ecclesiastical sponsor of boxing matches for
>men and boys.  How very manly.  I just love sweaty men with muscles, 
>knees, and those kicky little shorts.
>Why didn't Jesus and the Original Scrum of 12 think of that?  And will we 
>looking for a God-glorifying women's sports team out of the Kirk anytime
>soon?  Will they glorify the Savior by hitting hard, or is that just a
>privilege for men of chest?
>Sadly, this inquiring mind thinks she pretty much knows . . .

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