[Vision2020] Speaking of Sports how bout St. Andy's Rugby?

keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Tue Sep 12 11:58:03 PDT 2006

Wow!  Glorifying God through intelligent, hard-hitting rugby!  Grrrrrrrrrr!  
And this from our only known ecclesiastical sponsor of boxing matches for 
men and boys.  How very manly.  I just love sweaty men with muscles, torn-up 
knees, and those kicky little shorts.

Why didn't Jesus and the Original Scrum of 12 think of that?  And will we be 
looking for a God-glorifying women's sports team out of the Kirk anytime 
soon?  Will they glorify the Savior by hitting hard, or is that just a 
privilege for men of chest?

Sadly, this inquiring mind thinks she pretty much knows . . .


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Subject: [Vision2020] Speaking of Sports how bout St. Andy's Rugby?
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 11:29:36 -0700


Since sports trivia continue to be a hot topic on 2020 I thought I'd mention
that a hodgepodge of 2020 posters love a good old fashioned, down and dirty
game of rugby.


"St. Andy's RFC (Rugby Football Club) is a Christian men's rugby team
centered in Moscow, ID. We play rugby with other men's teams in the area,
including many college teams. We are an independently governed team, and
members of the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union(PNRFU). We were
founded in the fall of 2004 by some college students. In our second season,
we ratified a constitution and elected officers, establishing our system of

St. Andy's does not require a man to be a professing Christian to be a
member of or play for the team, but we do require each player to sign a
Player's Contract which obligates him to conduct himself in a way befitting
a Christian. Players will be held accountable to their player contract.

We are committed to playing a style of rugby that glorifies our Lord Jesus
Christ. Therefore we are dedicated to an intelligent, hard-hitting style of
play. In this, we seek to minister to our church, Moscow and the entire
northwest rugby community. We expect an attitude of respect and humility
both on and off the field.

Our goal is to be the best men's rugby team in the country. The church is in
a position to gain significant influence over the sport of rugby because of
its newness on the American sports scene. We seek to reform rugby culture
into something the church can be proud of and glory in. To learn more about
what we think about rugby and other things, take a look at our newsletters
<http://www.standysrfc.com/index.php?act=faq&article=8> .

In the past we were entirely funded by the generous donations of individual
sponsers. Building on our base of individual supporters, we are now seeking
corporate sponsorship. For more information about how to support St. Andy's
RFC financially, visit our sponsorship
<http://www.standysrfc.com/index.php?act=faq&article=4>  information page."

Thanks for visiting our site - we hope to make you proud.
Larson Hicks, President"


I can't help but wonder what exactly is meant by  "We expect an attitude of
respect and humility both on and off the field."

Judging from recent game scores, even God isn't on their side!

Rose Huskey

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