[Vision2020] New Senate Report is full of shit....

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Well Andreas, we covered this ground several months ago, but to reiterate: 
It is primarily the decimation of our HUMINT capabilities which have been 
most devastating from an intelligence standpoint.  My reading over the years 
has informed me that a nation without a large, active and competent fleet of 
Intel operatives on the ground overseas is significantly handicapped. 
Surely you can appreciate the limited usefulness of satellite imagery and 
other such long-range methods.  HUMINT, or human intelligence, is critical.

Regarding #1)  COINTELPRO,  I would think it quite appropriate for the FBI 
to keep an eye on the activities of a number of groups and individuals. 
It's called prudence and providing for domestic security, government's 
primary mandate.

#2)  Sounds GREAT to me.

#3)  Reluctant to swallow whole, your summary of this alleged activity.

#4)  Would depend upon the specific circumstances, but could envision 
scenarios where an administration might prefer to keep such an option on the 

#5)  Fine.  Those not aiding terrorist financially have nothing to fear.

Peace out,  --T
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>> it was DEMOCRATS, specifically FRANK CHURCH, who castrated our 
>> intelligence
>> capabilities years ago.  For you to place all the blame for the resulting
>> intel problems at the feet of the Bush administration is either 
>> disingenuous
>> or simply ignorant.
> Interesting. Which of these intelligence activities, ended by the
> Church Commission, would you support re-establishing?
> (1) COINTELPRO, which, among other things, kept FBI agents busy
> keeping files on Martin Luther King and John Lennon.
> (2) The Huston Plan, which recommended warrantless wiretaps,
> burglaries, and "false flag" operations against lefty organizations.
> The first draft recommended concentration camps for student agitators.
> (3) ARTICHOKE, which fed LSD to CIA agents.
> (4) The random assassination of democratically elected leaders, like
> Patrice Lumumba, without Congressional oversight.
> (5) The use of the IRS as a domestic intelligence agency, targetting 
> Americans.
> Also, what in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or the
> Hughes-Ryan Act, which came out of the Church Committee cripples
> American intelligence-gathering? Please be specific.
> -- ACS
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