[Vision2020] New Senate Report is full of shit....

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ToeKnee, ToeKnee, ToeKnee -


Frank Church left the US Senate in 1981 and passed away in 1984.


Don't wait for the movie, read the book:


"The 9/11 Commission Report"



George Bush, not too long ago, promised the American people that he would
enact programs/policies recommended by the 9/11 Commission Report.


Thomas H. Kean, who headed the 9/11 Commission, was quoted as saying, "I
doubt very much we would be in existence without them."  The "them" referred
to by Mr. Kean are the Jersey Girls, four 9/11 widows that Ann Coulter
referred to in her public comment, "'These broads are millionaires, reveling
in their status as celebrities and stalked by 'griefarazzis.' I've never
seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much."


Enough said.


Tom Hansen

Vandalville, Idaho 



"*Why* a person does what he does is at least as important as the objective

- Princess Sushitushi (September 10, 2006)



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Ted, remember that we ALL thought Saddam had those WMDs.  He consistently
thwarted the inspectors and flouted the U.N. mandates.  BOTH democrats AND
republicans voted in favor of authorizing the use of force.  We were all
victimized by a less than sterling intelligence apparatus, but mind you, it
was DEMOCRATS, specifically FRANK CHURCH, who castrated our intelligence
capabilities years ago.  For you to place all the blame for the resulting
intel problems at the feet of the Bush administration is either disingenuous
or simply ignorant.


Won't you research a bit more thoroughly before advocating on behalf of
America's enemies in the future?


Peace out.



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