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Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 11 13:15:32 PDT 2006


That's possible, but the only providers I'm aware of are at Valley 
Treatment.  They are the folks who have provided the treatment in all the 
cases with which I'm familiar.  Also, I believe group meetings are an 
important part of the treatment program, and I doubt that would be possible 
or practical in this instance.


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>>I don't think the only practice providing treatment to sex offenders, 
>>is based in Clarkston, would come here to provide treatment to one person.
>>If I'm wrong, which is possible, then there would be no reason to let 
>>out for treatment.  If they won't come here, then this is a reason to 
>>him to go to Clarkston for treatment.
>This is more a point of order than an actual interjection into this
>conversation -- as someone who works with victims professionally, I
>have strong, but quite biased, views on this. But:
>Actually, Sunil, I thought Rand Walker did sex offender management as
>well, and he works out of Latah County.
>-- ACS

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