[Vision2020] Coe transferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland

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Mon Sep 11 08:54:35 PDT 2006

> I don't think the only practice providing treatment to sex offenders, which
> is based in Clarkston, would come here to provide treatment to one person.
> If I'm wrong, which is possible, then there would be no reason to let Sitler
> out for treatment.  If they won't come here, then this is a reason to allow
> him to go to Clarkston for treatment.

This is more a point of order than an actual interjection into this
conversation -- as someone who works with victims professionally, I
have strong, but quite biased, views on this. But:

Actually, Sunil, I thought Rand Walker did sex offender management as
well, and he works out of Latah County.

-- ACS

> It's obtuse to claim Coe is having his way when he is going to the facility
> where the state wishes to keep him what appears to be the rest of his life,
> in order to prepare for the hearing that will determine his future.
> Actually, prison provides numerous opportunities to victimize others.
> Sunil
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> >Ok, now you're being purposefully obtuse.  There is no way I can say,
> >without taking a poll, what provider would be willing, or not, to go to the
> >jail and offer treatment.  What I can say is that the ones I have talked to
> >in a casual manner, have said they have never been asked by the court, they
> >have just been asked or ordered to provide the "treatment" and told the
> >prisoner will come to them.  And no, I will not provide those names as you
> >know very well that confidentiality prohibits me from doing that.
> >
> >Coe, through his attorney, requested that he be transferred out of Spokane
> >to a specific facility.  It was COE's choice and the court went with it.
> >
> >Duncan is more along the lines of the average molester than you'd like to
> >admit.  Difference is, he got caught.  Whether they kill their victims or
> >kill what childhood the victim may have had, the violator has committed a
> >deadly sin and should be punished accordingly.  Penny's idea of sentencing
> >them to 25-life right out of the gate makes more sense than 15, with time
> >off for "good" behavior.  How else are they gonna act in prison than "good"
> >since there is no opportunity to victimize anyone?
> >
> >
> >J  :]
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