[Vision2020] acknowledging his eminence

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Really, Tony!?! Of course, he often uses sarcasm, so its hard to tell. Anyway, if you're right, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree!

Joe Campbell

---- Tony Simpson <tonytime at clearwire.net> wrote: 

No Joe, Crabtree's point, I believe, is that you come across as a 
condescending and pompous prick.

Hope this clarifies,  --Tony
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> So your point, Crabtree -- if I understand it correctly -- is that you 
> think that neo-Nazis are better than Nazis? Well maybe but they are both 
> bad, IMHO!
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> Joe Campbell
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> Joe Campbell
> ---- "g. crabtree" <jampot at adelphia.net> wrote:
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> Donovan, I am writing you because I have seen the light and I urge you to 
> join me in bowing down before the superior intellect that is our fair 
> flower, a veritable lily of the valley, Professor Joseph K. Campbell. We 
> are but pygmies when it comes to the power of argument and persuasion. 
> That thing about the Nazis was a stroke of pure genius (at least as much 
> of it as I could wrap my primitive brain around. I mean really, everyone 
> knows that using our foes in WWII to make your point is the ultimate trump 
> and to stop just short of delivering such a powerful weapon shows such 
> awesome mercy) and the fact that he's always so on point and witty 
> positively makes my heart skip a beat! To continue to disagree with a 
> being as obviously superior would be an act of foolishness on a scale 
> similar to not heeding Jackie's dire warnings and not reading hansen's 
> masterful musings on his indisputable web site. Should you doubt any of 
> the things I have laid out for you, wait but a few hours a!
> nd his eminence Dr.JKC will probably spell it all out for us once again, 
> albeit in a hurt, wounded, and doubtless highly insulted tone. And who 
> could blame him? After all, it must be quite a trial to put up with the 
> lowly likes of those such as ourselves. Please allow me to apologize in 
> advance. I'm too ignorant to know the anguish I cause my betters. In 
> closing, allow me to reiterate. Repent, Donovan or fail to know the true 
> joy that comes from being one with the intellectual universe that rotates 
> about Joe's axis.
> gc
> P.S Please pass this on to Sherman Sherwin, the scourge of the south. I'm 
> sure that he would hate to be left out of the warm fuzzy that is being 
> down with Joe.
> g
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