[Vision2020] Wal-Mart impact studies

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 19:47:18 PDT 2006

On 9/10/06, Deacon James <deaconblues42 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ms. Swanson, Mr. Solomon, et al.,
> What would an objective, unbiased presentation on the effects of Wal-Mart
> look like?

Deacon --

If you were not aware, there is a process that academics use to
determine whether a particular position is supportable or
unsupportable. It is called peer review, and it involves the review of
not just the conclusions, but the data. You may have heard of this,
back in third grade: if you expect to be taken seriously, you show
your work.

He hasn't done this.

Until he does so, I don't expect that he should be taken any more
seriously as an authority than, for instance, me.

-- ACS

> Deacon

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