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Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam at hotmail.com
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I make and have made no claims as to what victims feel.  I stand by my 
position that murders, particularly those by a serial killer, are worse than 
molestation.  In no way am I trying to diminish the latter; however, I think 
it's absurd to pretend they're the same.  They're not, which is why the law 
does not treat them the same way.


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>How dare you!  Have you lived through being raped, molested, almost 
>   Huh,have you?  Didn't think so.  So don't you dare assume you know that
>murder is worse than living through the type of hell child predators put
>their victims through.  YOU HAVE NO IDEA!  The person murdered - their pain
>is over; the "survivor" of molestation/rape, etc. - their pain continues on
>and on and on.  They never loose it - some learn to live with it 
>than others, some take the route of suicide.  A VAST majority of child
>victims are killed.
>According toe National Missing and Exploited Children's web site:
>"an estimated 797,500 children were reported missing; 58,200 children were
>abducted by nonfamily members; 115 children were the victims of the most
>serious, long-term nonfamily abductions called "stereotypical kidnappings";
>and 203,900 children were the victims of family abductions."
>THAT is a hell of a lot of kids missing and hurt.  You want to tell them or
>their families that "its ok, at least you can't prove they've had the worst
>happen to them - that they are dead."?  The worst is not knowing where they
>are, are they safe, are they being tortured?
>There are many, many victims of rape and child molestation that would and
>have taken death over living with what happened to them.  Suicide does not
>mitigate or negate the seriousness of the originating crime of molestation.
>The fact that someone would say "you'll get over it - it was only
>molestation vs. murder" or "molestation is not as bad as murder - you lived
>through it" is what is asinine - and callous.
>Duncan is not "alleged" to be a multiple child molester - he IS a multiply
>convicted and multiply charged child molester and killer.
>If you talk to Adam Walsh's father, John, or anyone else who works to fight
>against child molesters they will tell you 9 x's out of 10, the perp has
>been caught doing a "lesser" crime, but has committed numerous extremely
>serious unknown ones.  Duncan is NOT unique - he just got caught.
>In ref to Coe, he ASKED/PETITIONED/BEGGED the court to allow him to be
>transferred to another facility - to get him out of Spokane.  It matters
>little where that place is or that he MAY have ended up there eventually;
>what matters is HE made the request and the court went with it:
>"Kevin Coe Gets Hearing Delay  September 6, 2006 By Associated Press
>Kevin Coe, convicted of one of the rapes that terrorized Spokane's South
>Hill neighborhood a quarter-century ago, on Wednesday requested transfer to
>a special prison for sexual predators to spend a seven-week delay in the
>state's efforts to keep him in custody indefinitely.
>Spokane County Superior Court Judge Kathleen O'Connor on Wednesday granted
>Coe's request to go to the special commitment center on McNeil Island and
>agreed to the delay in the probable cause hearing to give his lawyers time
>to study more than 66,000 pages of documents the state submitted in its
>efforts to keep Coe in custody.
>Coe's attorney, Tim Trageser, said his client would like to spend the delay
>at McNeil Island, in Puget Sound between Tacoma and Olympia, rather than 
>Spokane County Jail.
>As a civil facility, McNeil Island has much better living arrangements than
>a crowded county jail, Trageser said."
>And yes, victimization does occur in prison - BUT NOT TO CHILDREN by
>molesters.  People don't want to run the risk they will become a victim in
>prison, they should not do a crime that puts them in that position.  
>you say it - YES there are innocent people sent to jail or prison and YES
>they can become victims in jail or prison.)
>And your claim that there is only one "sex offender treatment provider" and
>they are in Clarkston is false.  There are MANY in the area and Sitler is
>actually being treated by TWO providers, one in Pullman and one in
>Clarkston.  And to the Sheriff's chagrin, his FAMILY members are taking him
>to both.  Read the file - you'll see there is a letter there from the LCSD
>that specifically requests anyone BUT family members take Sitler to his
>"treatment" and the court, thus far, has ignored that request.
>It irks me to no end that a defense lawyer, ANY, continues to claim they
>know what a victim of their client's feels or the victim of any crime 
>   Until you are on the receiving end of that crime - you have no idea.
>J  :]
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> >CoetransferredtospecialcommitmentcenteronMcNeilIsland
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> >
> >Duncan is alleged to be a serial killer as well as a child molester.  You
> >claim he's close to average for a sex offender and then claim I'm being
> >obtuse?  Please! That's a ridiculous position to take.  No, it's asinine,
> >absolute nonsense.
> >
> >Please do not compare murder to molestation and claim they're the same.
> >Most people can tell they're two separate crimes, with the former being
> >worse.
> >
> >I don't think the only practice providing treatment to sex offenders, 
> >is based in Clarkston, would come here to provide treatment to one 
> >If I'm wrong, which is possible, then there would be no reason to let
> >Sitler
> >out for treatment.  If they won't come here, then this is a reason to 
> >him to go to Clarkston for treatment.
> >
> >It's obtuse to claim Coe is having his way when he is going to the 
> >where the state wishes to keep him what appears to be the rest of his 
> >in order to prepare for the hearing that will determine his future.
> >
> >Actually, prison provides numerous opportunities to victimize others.
> >
> >Sunil
> >

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