[Vision2020] One Should Have Right To Object To 'Under God'

Taro Tanaka taro_tanaka at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 10 12:45:29 PDT 2006

Sins can be committed in ignorance, and the fact that they were committed in 
ignorance doesn't cause the sin to just disappear, but God in His mercy does 
cut us all a great deal of slack for our manifold sins committed in 
ignorance. At the same time, the effects of sins committed in ignorance 
don't just magically disappear, and when we start to feel those effects 
strongly enough, sometimes we put two and two together and realize we have 
an issue that we need to repent of.

-- Princess Sushitushi

"keely emerinemix" <kjajmix1 at msn.com> wrote:

>I would not say that a Christian who does recite the pledge is committing 
>idolatry; I am saying that I would be if I were to violate my own 
>conscience in this matter.

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